Square dining table

A square dining table may not be the first thing you think of when you are looking for a new dining table. Think twice! A square table is incredibly practical because of its equal angles. Cozy long dining has never been so much fun by choosing a square dining table.

Wooden square dining table

A square wooden dining table, who wouldn't want that? You may have spotted the model before at your favorite eatery. It is not surprising that restaurants often opt for a square table. It is practical, takes up little space and offers enough space for all your tasty snacks and drinks. Bring the restaurant feeling into your home and opt for a square dining table.

Mobitec Cozy chair in cognac | DreamWood

DREAUM New York is a real runner. It is available in a rectangular model, but can easily be converted into a square format. This square shape is also ideal for fun game nights with friends. The shape ensures that you can look at all your table companions. Let the games begin!

How many chairs for a square dining table?

We hear you thinking: 'That square table is nice, but how many chairs fit under it?' We understand that all too well. Because of the right angles, each part is the same length. If you choose a table of 150 x 150 cm, you can easily place two chairs on each side. This size is therefore ideal for large families! If you opt for a slightly larger size, you can accommodate a total of twelve chairs. The Cozy from Mobitec is a beautiful chair in cognac color. These chairs look stylish with a black wooden oak table.

Custom-made square dining table

Is a square table a bit too exciting for you? Then choose a rectangular or round wooden dining table . At a round table you experience the same fun, but with a playful twist. At DroomHout we sell different types of wooden dining tables and conference tables . We have a passion for wooden furniture. All dining tables from our own brand DREAUM can be adjusted to your wishes. Do you have a specific size or shape in mind? For example, think of an oval dining table or something completely different. Let us know and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Buy a square dining table in Utrecht

And, have we already convinced you of the many advantages of a square dining table? At DroomHout we can make a square table completely tailor-made for you. Choose a beautiful base and your own designed square dining table will soon shine in your kitchen or living room . Schedule an appointment or visit us during opening hours. Our advisors are happy to help you put together your dream table.