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Super cool makeover

This is a beautiful story about sustainability and reuse. It started five years ago when DroomHout supplied new worktops for Principle Vastgoed in Amsterdam. At the time, beautiful solid oak of no less than 40 mm thickness was chosen, which looked really great on the existing metal bases.

New furniture for extended office

But business went well and at the beginning of this year owner Mike Russell came forward with a nice and very sustainable request. Principle Vastgoed was moving to the top floor of a beautiful location on the WG-Plein, to see if we could also make completely new desks from the current oak worktops.

Solid wood desks

These new desks had to be more compact, have a different height and be equipped with cable ducts and penetrations. For that purpose, we provided the oak worktops with a beautiful finish with natural oil and a pleasant edge finish that ensures a lot of user pleasure. The bases were custom made of black metal, which makes a beautiful statement in the light environment with beautiful beams up to the ridge. It matches well with the various black items such as office chairs and monitors that are already used on the desks.

Makeover of your office

Would you also like to know what DroomHout can do for your new office environment? With or without the help of our DroomHout stylists, we are happy to advise you about layouts and colors and can help you desks also office cabinets, conference tables and matching chairs and relief to deliver. After all, you can buy everything you need to turn your office into a dream office at DroomHout.

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Agencies for real estate agents in Amsterdam