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Ikea kitchen DreamWood top

Ikea keuken DroomHout blad

Personalization is a trend that we would like to see in everything we do today. For example, if we look at cars. The Mini, the Fiat 500 or the Citroen C3, hundreds of options can be ordered for all these cars. People want something slightly different than what someone else has, but with the same basic product. This also applies to your interior. We at DroomHout see this mainly in the number of custom requests we receive and the number of customers who would like to have furniture made based on their own drawing.

Personalizing your home continues into the kitchen, fully customized kitchens that is. But this does not always mean that you have to have the entire kitchen custom made. The fantastic kitchen in these photos is a standard Ikea kitchen. But combined in a refined way with a kitchen top specially made to measure by DroomHout in beautiful American walnut finished with the matte clear Skylt lacquer.

The Ikea kitchen is used as a basis in this room and further personalized to the customer's wishes. A beautiful pure white base that appears very exclusive due to the use of beautiful dark walnut wood. The kitchen island has Ikea cabinets on both sides, but space has also been left on one side for a bar, as shown in the photo above.

The Ikea kitchen is ideal as a basis, the cabinets are available in many different colors and also in many different models. But if you want to distinguish yourself, it can sometimes seem a bit standard. Take this kitchen island for example, the top extends to the ground, is beautifully mitered and thickened to a thickness of no less than 8 cm! IKEA kitchen top The grain of the wood continues beautifully into the side panels, making the top appear to consist of one piece of wood. This top is made of walnut and finished with the matte clear Skylt lacquer. But olive ash or oak have an incredibly rich appearance. Take, for example, this cooking island in lacquered oak, also made by DroomHout but with a completely different look.

Ikea kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, DroomHout as a custom specialist can make a beautiful wooden kitchen top for you that looks great in any kitchen and in every conceivable type of wood. The sheet can be completed entirely according to your wishes, for example with flood defenses or without. With cutouts for the gas stove and sink, or you can choose to do this yourself. The possibilities are endless. Personalization can be done down to the smallest details with a customization specialist like DroomHout! Check the 'solid wood kitchen worktops' page for more information.

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IKEA kitchen top walnut DroomHoutIKEA kitchen top walnut DroomHout

Kitchen top IKEA

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Ikea kitchen DreamWood top