Mobitec Moods - chairs and bar stools

Mobitec Moods - stoelen en barkrukken
Chair Mobitec Mood - Mood#95 - DreamWood

Endless possibilities with the Mood chairs

What makes Mobitec's Mood family so great is that you can completely personalize it. You can create your own unique chair with numerous options. Play with all the options that Mobitec chairs and bar stools offer. You can choose from a wooden or metal base in different shapes and colors. Mobitec offers a wide range of fabrics and leather. You can even opt for a Mobitec Mood chair with two-tone upholstery. Then there are options with or without armrests, fixed or rotating, you name it. Thousands of combinations are possible. And if you can't choose, combine a number of different Moods at your dining table . Totally hip!

Bar stool Mobitec Mood - Mood#91 - DroomWood

Mobitec bar stools in the Mood families

Mobitec has now expanded a number of Mood series with bar stools. You can choose from high bar stools or low bar stools. The high bar stools are intended for bar tables of approximately 105 - 110 cm high. The low bar stools are very suitable for almost any kitchen island of approximately 90 - 95 cm high. You can also choose your own frame color with these Mobitec bar stools from the Mood family. You can choose from no less than 10 colours. For the fabrics it is even crazier. More than 300 colors of fabric, leather, artificial leather and velours. This way you can offer your guests a wonderfully comfortable place and bring coziness into the kitchen. Do you want to know how many chairs fit around a table ? Read more about it, we are happy to help you.

Our bestsellers Mood#91 and Mood#95

The Mood#91 and the Mood#95 can be admired in our design studio. Just test sit on these fantastic chairs and you will be sold, they are really comfortable! These Mobitec series are super tightly covered. But did you know that these chairs are also available with an extra soft seat? Then we are talking about the Mood#90 and Mood#99. The seat has the same shape as the Mood#91 and Mood#95 but is distinguished by an extra layer of cotton wool in the seat. This really puts you on a cloud and the appearance also becomes more fluffy. Mobitec provides an extra option for those who love soft and comfortable!

Chair Mobitec Mood - Mood#99 - DreamWood

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