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No more stains

Nooit meer vlekken

The Dream Wood Magic Mix

You know how it is, you have just bought a beautiful table or other piece of furniture made of wood and in no time you will have a stain on it. Matte clear coat DroomHout Your little cousin who makes a mess, a cup of coffee that falls over or drops of water that leave dull spots. Very annoying and above all not necessary. DroomHout has developed a special clear matte lacquer finish that optimally approximates the color of the untreated wood and also offers optimal protection.

Maximum natural appearance in combination with maximum protection

The clear matte DroomHout Magic Mix is ​​so beautifully matte that you can hardly see that this layer of lacquer is on it. Where a normal varnish usually tends to darken wood, this DroomWout Magic Mix almost completely preserves the natural color. Moreover, the DroomHout Magic Mix is ​​a 2-component varnish, making it much stronger than normal varnishes. Finally, we have a special method that makes the end result even stronger than normal and voilà: the DroomHout Magic Mix is ​​born. There is no better way to protect a table or tabletop, so you will never have stains again. And if you do manage to make a stain, you know one thing for sure: you would have had that stain on any other surface.

Also for sale separately

If you choose a matte clear lacquer finish in the DroomHout webshop, this is our DroomHout Magic Mix as standard. Fortunately, you can now also apply this optimal finish yourself because the clear matte varnish can be purchased separately. Inquire about the options to optimally protect your new and existing furniture against stains. Also read our blog post: Maintenance advice for solid wood products .
Magic mix matte clear varnish DroomHout

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No more stains