#Ikeahack 2.0 - Ikea meets DroomHout: the Smastad or Besta - stylishly responsible

#Ikeahack 2.0 - Ikea meets DroomHout: dé Smastad of Besta - stylish verantwoord

At DroomHout we love innovative ideas, including #ikeahacks! Ideal for the little ones and great for the grown-ups among us. Create your ideal Smastad play corner suitable for the little ones. Behind the doors of the Smastad Platsa In the play box you can easily store your toys, children's books and crafts. Leave some space between them and you have a nice place to sit! In addition to being practical, this #DroomWood vs. Ikea hack is also very nice to look at. Very nice for the living room or kitchen, for example. You can also opt for the #ikeahack for the Besta TV cabinet with a solid oak top. Ideal for the living room to create a nice play corner or desk. Whether your preference is an Ikea Besta TV cabinet or the Smastad toy boxes in combination with oak or walnut wood. The choices are endless! If you have a nice idea, come visit our design studio or send an email. Became curious? Check out the complete overview of our cool Ikea hack options here.

Pimp your Ikea chest of drawers - a sustainable choice

DroomHout custom kitchen fronts and kitchen tops in oak or walnut DroomHout also sells beautiful wooden kitchen fronts and kitchen tops with matching wall shelves. In both oak and walnut. Do you have room for a nice play corner in the kitchen? We are happy to think along with you to create a beautiful whole. For example, see this suitable solution in the kitchen of one of our customers. Created a super practical children's play corner. This way you can keep an eye on things while cooking and the little ones are nice to have around. Here is a beautiful continuous kitchen top in solid oak in a warm oak. Together with the well-known IKEA kitchen and lovely table, we created a very nice play corner. Practical and stylishly responsible!

Your ideal storage combination Smastad, Besta, Nordli and more!

Complete your Ikea item of choice with DroomHout and you will have a beautiful, high-quality oak piece of furniture that you will enjoy a lot. Plus, which certainly doesn't look out of place in the interior. By playing with different heights and whether or not legs you can give the furniture a completely different look. You can opt for a floating BESTÅ TV cabinet or slightly higher and deeper SMASTAD Platsa cabinets firmly on the ground. This last option, for example, is ideal for the nursery for older kids. Place it in the children's room with cool panel fronts and nice handles. In combination with white or warm oak you can't go wrong!

Smastad chest of drawers ikeahack with warm oak top by DroomHout

The Stuva chest of drawers series is no longer available, but a very nice new option is the Nordli series with open handles. You can combine these in countless ways. The Smastad Platsa combination is also a very nice choice. Lots of storage space and a clean look. With a beautiful error sheet you create one beautiful whole. Fan of the Kallax? Also a very nice variation. Turn it into a bench to place shoes or make it a little higher and it makes an ideal storage cupboard with baskets. For more inspiration, check out our other Ikeahack blog .

Mix & match DroomWout with Ikea = #ikeahack

Are you looking for a way to give all the toys a place? In a prominent place in the living room, for example? Here too, the DroomHout multi-functional oak #ikeahack Småstad or Besta combination with a beautiful solid oak top is the ideal way to store everything. We are also currently seeing many new ideas emerging. Where we started with an Ikea Besta TV cabinet with a beautiful oak top, we now see many Smastad variations. Extremely fun and innovative. With this smastad #Ikeahack you can easily transform a play corner into a nice, tidy zone in the living room. Choose your favorite oak color to match the floor or style of your home. For example, think of warm oak, a beautiful combination with modern white or black cabinets for the living room. Nowadays, both the Småstad and the Besta combination come in 6 or 7 different versions. DroomHout has a beautiful combination of wood for every version. From white oak to warm oak and also available entirely in walnut! Noten is back with a vengeance and immediately gives the whole thing a makeover. Great for a retro, mid-century interior. If your style is fresh and Scandinavian, clear or white oak is a great option. Super stylish and fits into any interior. Are you curious about all the possibilities? Make an appointment soon and we look forward to seeing you in one design studio!

Ikea hack vs. DroomHout smastad consists of a durable top in oak or walnut wood

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