Super cool tree trunk table in your room

Supertoffe boomstamtafel in je kamer

Tree trunk table oak DREAUM Albero Which can! :-) This week I visited Errol and Nikki, two very sweet people who had bought the DREAUM Albero tree trunk table at DroomHout. I visited them in their brand new apartment in Utrecht where this table was the ultimate eye-catcher. The Christmas tree still had to be decorated and the window and wall decorations were not yet finished, but what an atmosphere!

Table for 8 people

Errol and Nikki chose a tree trunk table in the generous size 240 x 100 cm. And as you can see, you can easily sit around it with 8 people. Nice for Christmas dinner or that birthday. And at the end you can also pull up chairs for the occasion. This is a table that is truly the center of conviviality.

Tree trunk table with matte clear lacquer

The DREAUM Albero is made in the DroomHout factory in Utrecht. We select the best tops and finish them with a strong matte clear coat. This ensures that you do not get stains on your top, so that your table remains beautiful for a long time. Already an eye-catcher and for years to come. Have fun with your new table!

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Tree trunk table oak DREAUM Albero

Tree trunk table oak DREAUM Albero

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