Custom-made square dining table for 8 people

Vierkante eettafel voor 8 personen op maat

Square dining table made of solid wood

Custom-made square dining table for 8 people - DroomHout

Remon recently sent us these cool photos of his new DroomHout table. He had this square dining table specially custom made for us. The table has a symmetrical black metal cross base. But with a square top. Remon especially wanted more cozy space at his table and a square table is of course ideally suited for that. For a larger family or people who often have diners, a square setting is ideal. You sit 'round', as it were, but with the convenience of a square.

Square table for 8 people

Custom-made square dining table for 8 people - DroomHout

Remon's wish was to be able to dine generously with at least 8 people. What you can often use as a starting point is how much space you think you need per person. This 'personal space' usually varies between 60 and 70 cm. At 60 cm you can fit many chairs around your table and still have plenty of room. If you want to sit more generously and less closely together, choose more towards the 70 cm seating space. Of course, this also depends on your type of chair. Choose your chairs with or without armrests. Remon opted for a size of 140 x 140 cm. A nice, spacious square dining table for 8 people.

Square table with center leg

A center leg is very popular nowadays for square tables. This has the advantage that you do not encounter any legs on the outside. This gives a nice feeling of freedom and you can indeed place your chairs wherever you want. And if you have a lot of diners, you can even sit on the corner. An alternative is a square table with four legs on the corners.

Square table made of wood

The specifications of the square table from Remon that you see in the photos are as follows. 40 mm thick European oak with beautiful wide and continuous slats was chosen for the solid wooden top. This gives the leaf its rich appearance. This image is further enhanced by choosing a 'warm oak' finish. This is a treatment with natural oil that further emphasizes the grain of the wood. For the base we used the frame of the round Giro dining table that is standard in our collection. A bit of DroomHout and a bit tailor-made. In any case, Remon is very happy with it. Bon appetit Remon!

Custom-made square dining table for 8 people - DroomHout
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  • DroomHout

    Hi Ingeborg, mooi is deze tafel geworden hé? Het is maatwerk, dat betekent automatisch dat de prijzen variëren op basis van jouw wensen. Wil je meer weten? Neem gerust contact met ons op. We zijn dagelijks bereikbaar via telefoon en whatsapp. Voor meer eettafel inspiratie en DroomHout mogelijkheden;

  • Ingeborg Leijs

    Wat een prachtige tafel. Was is de prijs hiervan?

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