Maintenance of your wooden dining table

A DroomHout table requires as little maintenance as possible

When you buy a table from us, we ensure that your table requires as little maintenance as possible. There is nothing more annoying than having to polish your table every week or having to polish out stains. It's also a shame to have to put an oilcloth or tablecloth on your table when you eat or do crafts. This way you don't see what a beautiful table you have and that is the nicest thing about your beautiful solid wooden table: it can and should be seen! We are happy to explain to you how to keep your table so beautiful. Wood is a natural product and thrives best with the right protection against external influences. And of course, this explanation also applies to our wooden bathroom furniture and kitchen fronts .

How has my table top been treated?

Grazioso table in white oak

All tables made at DroomHout receive our strong matte clear lacquer as a final layer. Whatever color table you choose, warm oak, white oak, clear oak or another color. The 2-component varnish we use is a water-based varnish and ensures that you wipe any spills off your table top. Tomato sauce or red wine do not absorb into the leaves, so you can easily remove these types of difficult stains with a damp cloth. And what's so beautiful: the paint layer is so matte, you can't see or feel it, the grain remains visible and even palpable. The wood looks very natural, but the lacquer layer does provide protection!

Let your new wooden table harden for a while

It may take a few weeks for the lacquer on your table to fully harden. Therefore, be extra careful with your table top, especially during this first period. Avoid heavy loads, heat and excess moisture and wipe the furniture with a slightly damp cloth. Once the first two weeks have passed, in addition to the slightly damp cloth, you can also use products that degrease, such as dishwashing liquid.

When you feel the surface becoming smoother and less rough, this is a sign that the protective layer has hardened properly. Then put that table to good use.

What is the best way to clean your table?

Matte clear coat protection DroomHout

If you have spilled coffee, water or wine, for example, it is best to wipe your table top immediately with dishwashing liquid and water. This prevents permanent stains on your beautiful wooden table. Abrasive cleaning agents or furniture polishes are not recommended. The paint is scratch-resistant, but not scratch-resistant. It is best to use a coaster. There could just be a grain of sand under your mug or laptop and if you slide it away you run the risk of scratching your tabletop.

The coaster is a must for hot objects such as pans and hot mugs, always use coasters. The lacquer is hard, but can react to heat or extreme cold.

Wood and water are like water and fire

The basic rule for a permanently beautiful table is: no prolonged contact with moisture. Water or other wetness can always get on your table. It is important that this does not remain there for too long. After your dinner, craft session or coffee drink, it is better to wipe your table with a clean, slightly damp cloth. You can easily wipe away dried coffee stains, pasta sauce or watercolor splashes with this. If necessary, use some dishwashing liquid.

Table Elegant warm oak DroomHout

You can also get circles in lacquered wood. This effect potentially occurs if condensation forms between the lacquer layer and the wood. If you place a vase with a wet bottom and leave it for a week, this could cause a 'breakthrough' in the paint. It is better to use a coaster or simply dry the bottom of your vase or glass thoroughly before placing it on the table.

Do you have a wooden base? Wooden legs are also not happy when they are mopped and the legs remain wet for a long time. Dry them briefly, this will keep them nicer.

How does my table stay nice and straight?

We use well-dried wood for our tables. The drier the wood, the less chance the wood has of 'working'. Working means that the blade could warp. We also make DroomHout tables often from 40 mm solid wood, the thicker the top, the less chance of functioning.

We have ensured that your table top cannot warp by milling steel U-profiles into the underside of the top. These are mounted transversely, so that the wooden slats cannot work independently of each other. The profiles are completely milled so that they do not get in the way when you cross your legs under the table.

In addition, the matte clear lacquer layer helps to keep the table top nice and straight. The paint has also been applied to the bottom and sides. The reason for this is that wood tends to react to temperature and/or moisture fluctuations. If the top and bottom of your table are treated the same, they will respond the same to these fluctuations. Ensure a humidity of 50-60%. If you place your table in a room that has just been plastered, ensure good ventilation. Or, better yet, let the plasterwork dry and harden thoroughly for a few weeks so that the humidity returns to normal levels. Long-term elevated humidity can cause the wood to deteriorate.

Tips for your wooden table at a glance

In summary, it comes down to following the following tips:

  • Allow the table to harden for a while after purchase
  • Ensure a humidity of 50-60%
  • Use coasters on your table
  • Use a clean, slightly damp cloth with some washing-up liquid if necessary
  • Do not leave stains lying around, but clean immediately after spills

A wooden table lasts for years!

If you unexpectedly get damage to your table top, it can never be completely prevented. The great thing is that you chose solid wood! The top can be lightly sanded and varnished again, so that you no longer see any rings or scratches. Sand not only the damaged part of the blade, but the entire surface and then reapply the 2-component paint. Do you find it exciting to do? Send an email to with a photo of your damaged area, we will be happy to think about a solution so that your table is like new again.

In short, with normal use, your DroomWout table is super easy to use and will last for years! Which dining table do you choose?

Forcina table round warm oak DroomHout