How do you maintain your wooden garden furniture?

How do you keep wood beautiful for as long as possible?

A new wooden garden set or garden furniture looks beautiful in your garden and is still completely fresh. But how do you keep your purchase beautiful for as long as possible? We - wood lovers - love the look that the wood gets when it has been outside for a while. Douglas wood and new scaffolding wood (spruce) ages beautifully and automatically takes on the silver look of wood you find on the beach. The great thing is, you don't have to do anything for this other than just keep the wood clean.

Douglas wood

If you want to protect your wood against the effects of the weather, use products that are suitable for outdoor use and repeat your treatment every year. Why? Wood continues to work due to differences in temperature and moisture, which causes cracks and crevices where the wood has no longer been treated.

Cleaning wood is simple

Expensive special cleaning products are not necessary to clean your wooden outdoor furniture. To remove green deposits and dirt, you can simply use a scouring sponge or brush with some soapy water. Wet the garden furniture and scrub it with the soapy water until all dirt and grime is removed. Sprinkle with the garden hose or throw a few buckets of water over your furniture and your garden furniture will be beautiful again.

Do you leave your lounge cushions outside?

The lounge cushions from DroomHout have a beautiful linen look and are made for lying outside. They can withstand some rain and dry well in the sun.

Lounge cushion DreamWood

However, they will not recover from a heavy rain shower or leaving the cushions outside overnight when it is damp. The tip is to put them in the shed or indoors (under your bed or in the attic) after use, so they stay the best. A nice added bonus is that the covers can be zipped off and washed!

Garden furniture in autumn and winter

Has it become too cold to sit outside? The best option is to store your garden furniture in your shed, garage or shelter, where it is dry. If this is not possible, you can safely leave your garden furniture outside - without lounge cushions.

Cover with a tarp?

Covering with a tarpaulin can prevent the formation of green deposits, but make sure there is space between the tarpaulin and the wood. This is to allow the wood to breathe and dry so that microclimates cannot form. But you don't have to cover it: the garden furniture can really take a beating and can be left open and exposed in the garden. They gray nicely and dry up again when it has been wet.

Raising the furniture

Our Siena lounge sofa is on a spool, so that the rest of the wood is not on the damp ground. The Montecastelli lounge sofa stands on the forward slats. If desired, you can place the benches and footstools on an extra slat in the winter, so that the original slats and blocks are not affected by moisture.

And when spring comes...

When the sun breaks through again and you can sit in the garden again, clean your garden furniture of green deposits and dirt. You can also glide your hand over the wood. If it feels a bit rough, the hairs in the wood have stood up a bit during the winter. Then lightly sand the wood and your garden furniture is ready for spring and summer. We also have good tips for maintaining your wooden table .

Lounge sofa Montecastelli Dream Wood