How many chairs fit at my dining table?

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Industrial dining table DroomHout

Are you looking for a new dining table? Then you have come to the right place at DroomHout. We make the most beautiful dining tables in our factory in Utrecht under the brand name DREAUM. Handmade tables tailored to your wishes and needs. How nice is that! What do you think, for example, of this super cool industrial dining table in the photo below? This can also be used as a conference table. The beautiful table in the photo has a top of no less than 5 cm thick with nice robust table legs. Also in solid oak.

Standard size dining table

If you are about to purchase a new dining table , it is advisable to get good advice. Consider the size of the room, the desired size of the table and how many seats you need. Have you ever thought about asquare dining table ? Completely hip and of this time. To give you a better idea of ​​how large your table should be for the number of chairs, we have written down the standard sizes for you. Please note: these are guidelines, so you always feel free to deviate from them. The size of your chair and the position of the table legs also play an important role in whether or not something fits. And with round tables, the height of your table is also important. The standard height of a dining table usually varies between 76 and 80 centimeters. And a chair with armrests takes up more space than a slimmer model.

How many chairs fit at my dining table - DroomHout

Basic size rectangular dining table

  • 120 x 80 cm (4 persons)
  • 140 x 80 cm (4 persons)
  • 160 x 90 cm (6 persons)
  • 180 x 90 cm (6 persons)
  • 200 x 100 cm (8 people)
  • 220 x 100 cm (8 people)
  • 240 x 100 cm (10 people)

But more is possible! Have you ever thought about a round dining table? The round shape allows you to sit comfortably in a circle at the table, allowing you to see each other better and enjoy a long meal. At DroomHout we sell various standard sizes for round tables . The sizes vary from 110 cm (4-5 people) to 170 cm (6-8 people). But if you want other sizes, we will also make them for you.

Round dining table - setting with chairs - DroomHout

Mobitec designer chairs

Dining table Mobitec Core - DroomWout

Mobitec . This originally Belgian brand has been producing high-quality chairs and tables since 1990. The choice is enormous. The chair can be completely assembled yourself. From base to upholstery, 100,000+ compositions are possible. At DroomHout, in addition to Mobitec, we also sell the brands DREAUM , Zuiver , Dutchbone , Tower Living and Keijser en Co. We have a large part of the collection in our design studio. Make an appointment for advice or visit us during opening hours to experience the collection for yourself. Would you rather shop online? No problem! All items are also available via our website and will be delivered to your home for free. See you soon!