Ordering kitchen fronts, how does that work?

Checklist for ordering kitchen fronts

Oak kitchen fronts DroomHout

Cool, oak kitchen fronts from DroomHout! Your kitchen is going to be so beautiful! What do we need from you to deliver the right and most beautiful kitchen fronts? We are happy to think along with you so that you get those oak kitchen fronts that will make your kitchen look its very best.

What is your interior style?

Firstly, your own taste is important: how wild do you want the oak? Do you like knots and do you like a cool look? Or do you want to see few knots and a calm look? Your fronts are also treated with a lacquer and/or oil. Do you like sleek and modern (white oak), the natural look of oak (white oak) or a warm appearance (warm oak)? Together with you we determine what suits you and your interior.

Technical specifications kitchen fronts

In addition, the oak fronts must also be technically correct. In order to deliver your kitchen fronts perfectly, we need quite a bit of information from you. Below you will find a checklist with all the points that need your and our attention: below this checklist you can read in detail what these points mean.

1. Replacing kitchen doors or new kitchen?

2. Create a front diagram

3. Determine the grain direction of the wood

4. Where should there be hinge holes

5. The importance of steel profiles

6. Open or closed knots

7. Choose your oak color: clear, warm or white oak or custom?

1. Replacing kitchen doors?

Do you want to replace the kitchen doors in your current kitchen? We would like to receive the current kitchen fronts so that we can copy them exactly and transfer the hinge holes to the new wooden kitchen doors. These are not necessary for the IKEA METOD kitchen, we can dream those sizes ;). For a METOD or other new kitchen, simply provide the kitchen drawing. We indicate when we need the current fronts at the latest, so they will last a maximum of one week. Oh yes, number the fronts and have this numbering reflected on your fronts diagram. We will explain below what a front diagram is.

2. Provide a front diagram

Oak fronts solid wood - front scheme

We like to work with a sketch of the fronts with clear dimensions. This way we can see which veins should continue into the next front. When sizing, take the margins of the fronts into account. For example: if a front is 80 x 60 cm, you must remove 3 mm all around for clearance so that your door will open and close properly. 80 x 60 cm then becomes 79.7 x 59.7 cm. Please note: make your own front diagram as above, which can simply be a photo of a handmade sketch or even a screenshot from the IKEA kitchen planner, as long as the above information is included. Also consider any leveling slats above and/or below your built-in appliances (microwave/oven, etc.) or to fill the space between the wall and the kitchen.

3. What grain direction do you want?

Do you like horizontal grain direction? This gives a calm appearance. The horizontal grain direction is often chosen for kitchens with many drawers and emphasizes the width of the kitchen.

Vertical kitchen fronts DroomHout

The vertical grain direction is beautiful and suitable for kitchens with a cupboard wall. Please note that with drawer fronts that are less than 25 cm high, only a horizontal grain direction is technically possible. The higher your drawer front, the greater the chance that everything will remain nice and stable. Did you know that we let the grain of a front continue into the next front and drawer? This provides peace and unity and you can clearly see that your kitchen fronts are made of real solid wood!

4. Where should the hinge holes go?

Hinge holes milled in kitchen fronts, warm oak, DroomHout

The kitchen doors are the fronts that need hinge holes. We are happy to mill these for you. We need the exact place for this. This can be done by supplying the old fronts with hinges here and emailing the drawing. We would like to see the direction of rotation on the drawing. Does your kitchen door turn left or right? Do you have a new kitchen? We would then like to receive the exact dimensions and a hinge to use as a guideline.

5. Milling steel profiles, why?

Steel profiles milled warm oak kitchen fronts DroomHout

We mill steel profiles into all kitchen fronts, beautifully concealed in the back of the front. We do this to prevent warping of the wood. This way you will always have beautiful straight doors and drawers. We use steel L-profiles for this, which are completely milled into the front. This way you don't lose any space and there is no problem with the door underneath the dishwasher and refrigerator door. You can choose not to mill profiles or do this yourself. However, you then have no guarantee against any warping of the oak.

6. Do you want the knots stopped?

Knots stopped kitchen fronts warm oak DroomHout

Knots are found in rustic and medium rustic oak, called CO and BB. There is also AB wood, which has virtually no knots. The knots of your oak fronts can be stopped. This makes them easier to keep clean and prevents dirt from getting into the knot. We do this with knot filler in the color of oak, so they are relatively light and less noticeable. However, open knots give a more robust look. What do you like better?

7. How do you want your kitchen fronts treated?

Colors oak DreamWood

A layer of lacquer and/or oil on your kitchen fronts protects your kitchen doors and kitchen drawers against warping, but also against stains. You can easily wipe off grease stains or splashes with a damp cloth. You can choose clear oak, so your kitchen fronts appear untreated, but they have been treated and protected with a matte clear lacquer. For a warmer appearance and even more grain in your wood, you can choose warm oak. A natural oil is then first applied to the kitchen front and then covered with a matte clear varnish. If you like something a bit sleeker, you can think of white oak, whitewash oil with matte clear lacquer finishing.

For example, if the colors just don't match your wooden floor, you could choose a different color of paintable oil from our color range. This is available for inspection in our design studio. Are you taking a piece of your floor with you? Then you can see which color matches best. And you can also do the varnishing and/or oiling yourself, which will save on costs.


Everything is recorded, great! If you are unable to do this yourself, please email info@droomhout.nl or schedule an appointment and we will help you further. The production of your kitchen fronts can begin! On to a whole new look for your kitchen with this IKEA kitchen hack .

Horizontal grain direction and steel profiles milled in kitchen fronts DroomHout