Walnut kitchen top

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Walnut kitchen top

Walnut kitchen top - DroomHout

We are often asked: can I also make my solid wood kitchen top from wood other than oak? In this blog post we take you to the beautiful kitchen of Frits and Dörte from Naarden. The wish was clear: Frits and Dörte wanted to choose a slightly darker type of wood to bring more warmth to the kitchen. An appointment was made for that purpose in theDroomHout design studio . There we have many different types of wood that you can view, touch and combine. Our sample cabinet with wood types mainly contains many different colors of oak. Oak is a very nice hardwood type for your kitchen worktop to use in your kitchen. It has a friendly price point and the choice of colors is therefore enormous. But Frits and Dörte's eye fell on something else: American walnut. Is that possible?

Kitchen tops in all types of wood

And that is why you do business with DroomHout. In addition to wooden kitchen fronts, we make kitchen tops in all types of wood on earth. Sustainable and responsible, of course. In addition to a huge collection of oak kitchen tops in colour, we also make solid wooden kitchen tops from walnut. American walnut, that is, which has a very nice, calm 'drawing'.

Kitchen top 40 mm walnut

Walnut kitchen top - DroomHout

Because not only a cupboard block had to be covered in this kitchen, but a bar section was also required, a walnut kitchen top of no less than 40 mm thickness was chosen. Fully solid so that it would be a nice, sturdy whole. And a feast for the eyes because the solid character of this kitchen worktop radiates very high quality. It is not very visible in the photos, but a nice detail is that the frame of the cabinet wall was made in the same walnut wood for an optimal match. That gives a beautiful balance in the room.

Wooden kitchen top with bar area

A comfortable size of 250 x 100 cm was chosen. This means that in addition to the members' block of 90 cm wide, there remains a bar section of no less than 160 cm wide. Generous enough for 4 comfortable bar stools and enough space to enjoy a meal or a drink with 4 people. On one of the sides, the walnut kitchen top extends nicely to the floor. The corner joint was mitered so that it is a beautiful whole. And the grain direction naturally continues for optimal effect.

Kitchen with fireplace

Frits and Dörte thought it would be great to also install a fireplace in the kitchen. The warmth, the atmosphere, watching the flames. The wish was a gas fireplace, but the question also arose: is that possible? Can you place a wooden countertop next to a fireplace? A very good question because wood and heat naturally have a somewhat exciting relationship. Together with the experts from DroomHout, exactly the right distance was determined between the fireplace and the top so that everything would go well. And the wooden kitchen top was provided with an extra strong coating. Not only handy for the fireplace but also super easy to use. The walnut kitchen worktop is now super powerfully protected against heat and use so that it remains beautiful for a long time.

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Walnut kitchen top - DroomHout
Walnut kitchen top - DroomHout

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