Fraké kitchen fronts

Keukenfronten van fraké

Beautiful kitchen renovation with fraké fronts

Wooden kitchen fronts fraké - kitchen renovation - DroomHout

Sometimes you have those people who come to you with the best ideas. Now take Annemieke and Bjorn. They had a clear vision to renovate their existing kitchen and transform it into something more beautiful. In short, they wanted to replace the kitchen fronts with solid wood. And of course you come to DromHout for new wooden kitchen fronts . The choice of fraké wood, also called limba, was striking. Fraké is a light yellowish grayish wood from West Africa with many markings and color differences. Beautiful responsibly sourced wood that gives a nice robust look in your kitchen.

Kitchen renovation - plan of action

Wooden kitchen fronts fraké - kitchen renovation - DroomHout

After Annemieke and Bjorn had already worked out their plan in broad outline in their heads, the first step was to make an appointment in the DroomHout design studio. While enjoying a cup of coffee, they discussed the plans in more detail with one of our specialists. We were able to inform them well about the technical feasibility of working with more special wood. Because DroomHout works with all types of wood, suitable and well-dried fraké wood was fortunately found.

Kitchen fronts made of wood - what you should pay attention to

Step two was to create a front diagram. In such a front diagram for your kitchen you actually show the front view of your kitchen. The number of kitchen fronts and the associated sizes. A major advantage of this diagram is that you can clearly show how you want the grain direction of the wood. We will then ensure that this grain continues nicely if you wish. Annemieke and Bjorn opted for a cool alternative. Namely to prevent the grain from continuing and to create a cool, wild pattern. They wanted a nice, sturdy kitchen with a somewhat rougher look and that turned out fantastically well.

Production of wooden kitchen fronts

The final step was production. At DroomHout we purchased the fraké wood. We pressed beautiful, sleek panels from this in our own wood factory. And these were then sawn to size to the correct size kitchen front. We also took care of the edge finishing and backing. These metal reinforcements in the back of the solid wooden kitchen front ensure that your kitchen front remains nice and straight. Annemieke and Bjorn wanted to do the finishing with matte clear lacquer themselves. With some tips from us it was very easy. The beautiful light wood with dark shoots was sorted on site into a beautiful wild pattern, which you can clearly see in these photos by Annemieke. What a great atmosphere in this dream kitchen. Happy cooking! And also read our blog post: Kitchen upgrade .

Wooden kitchen fronts fraké - kitchen renovation - DroomHout



    Hi Ingrid, kan mij helemaal voorstellen dat je nieuwsgierig bent naar de herkomst van de tegels. Deze kunnen we helaas niet achterhalen. De tegels zijn gelegd in een visgraat patroon en zijn standaard 6×24 cm. Wellicht helpt dit in de zoektocht naar een mooie tegel!

  • Ingrid rooijakkers

    Hallo, wij vinden deze tegeltjes erg mooi kunt u aangeven waar deze vandaan komen?

    Alvast bedankt voor uw reactie.

    Mvgr. Ingrid rooijakkers – verberne

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