Nice solution for your bay window

Mooie oplossing voor je erker

How do I best decorate my bay window?

Table Albero with chairs and sofa Cozy from Mobitec What a super cool set this is. We received these beautiful photos from Yvette, a customer of ours who was very happy with her new table set. Yvette recently moved into a new house. With a fantastic bay window in the living room. Beautiful space, but how do you best design a bay window properly and efficiently? Yvette came to us with that question and the result is impressive.

Albero table with nice chairs and Cozy sofa from Mobitec

In our DroomHout design studio, Yvette immediately fell in love with a beautiful combination of table and chairs that we have there. It is actually exactly this set that she now has at home. Yvette chose the Albero table as a basis. A
Beautiful robust table that particularly stands out because of the nice free space on all sides. That's because the Albero table has a sleek design base that doesn't actually get in the way anywhere. And to complete the set , the Cozy chair from Mobitec was chosen. Three chairs on one side of the table. On the other side is a spacious Cozy sofa . And did you know that there is also a Cozy chair with armrests ?

Cozy collection from Mobitec

Table Albero with chairs and sofa Cozy from Mobitec This Cozy collection from Mobitec is available in many variants. But they all have one thing in common. They are all unsurpassed. In our design studio you can try out both the Cozy chair and the Cozy sofa, but be careful: sitting is buying :-) That also happened to Yvette. Another nice thing is that you can fully customize these chairs and sofas. You can choose from various materials (leather, fabric, velvet, artificial leather), various colors (all samples can be found with us in the DroomHout design studio) and you can even choose the color of the spray-painted metal frame (more than 10 beautiful colors). Crazy, right? Yvette also chose a combination of velor from the Genova fabric group in the dream color Steel. She had the frame spray painted A01 black. A combination that melts away.

Magic mix from DroomHout

And did you know that our wooden dining tables are all finished with the so-called 'Magic Mix'? That is a finish that we put together ourselves with a beautiful matte appearance. The best wood finish you can get on earth and that does not affect the color of the oak. And it also provides excellent protection against stains. Yvette is very happy with it, she wrote. And we are very grateful to her for sharing these beautiful photos. Enjoy it yourself and come and admire this beautiful set live in our design studio!

Table Albero with chairs and sofa Cozy from Mobitec

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