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Sleek kitchen top made of beautiful thin oak

Strak keukenblad van mooi dun eiken

Super thin kitchen top

Kitchen top oak DroomHout We have been making kitchen tops for years, usually in 40 or 50 mm solid oak. But now we received a request from Antoon to custom-make a much thinner kitchen worktop for his new kitchen. Because the dimensions of the kitchen and the construction allowed it, we opted for one in close consultation with Antoon solid oak kitchen top with a thickness of only 28 mm.

Wide continuous slats with tight miter joint

What particularly appealed to Antoon was the fact that DroomHout makes kitchen worktops with beautiful wide and continuous slats. These strips of wood from which the kitchen worktop is constructed are on average about 12 to 17 cm wide, which really gives your worktop an enormous extra look instead of using very narrow strips. These slats are waterproof and glued under high pressure, making the kitchen worktop extremely strong. Combine that with the DroomHout matte white magic mix and you have a kitchen worktop that is optimally protected against moisture.

Maximum appearance with minimum investment

Together with Antoon we looked at the current situation and it soon became apparent that we could maintain all existing kitchen cabinets, and that of course saves a lot of money. Antoon merely replaced the old existing top with the beautiful, slim oak DroomHout top, making it look like a completely new kitchen. Antoon designed the cooking island himself, with a well-considered use of materials, a wonderful island was created for cooking but also for enjoying a drink. He had the frame of the kitchen island cabinets made by a kitchen supplier, and he found the finishing touch at DroomHout.

Or just a base from Ikea

It is also possible to attach a custom solid wooden kitchen worktop to a base of, for example, cheaper and simpler Ikea cabinets, which also gives a lot of value for money with minimal investment in terms of appearance because you create the look with the solid wood worktop. of an expensive high-end custom kitchen.

Also a sleek kitchen top made of beautiful thin oak?

Arrange your own kitchen and cupboards and let us tailor-make the kitchen worktop of your dreams for you. This way you can create a solid wood kitchen that looks natural, warm and rich at minimal costs. Come visit our design studio or email us your dream kitchen for a quick sharp quote at info@droomhout.nl. Hope to see you again! Also read our blog post: Ikea kitchen DreamWood top .

Kitchen top oak DroomHout

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Sleek kitchen top made of beautiful thin oak