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CNC milling machine for wood

New CNC milling machine for DroomHout Utrecht

CNC milling machine for CNC milling DroomHout Utrecht

DroomHout has been making the most beautiful things from honest solid wood for years. We do this with great pleasure and passion. And of course also with the right tools and all kinds of woodworking machines such as planers, sanders and saws. But although we could always make basically everything, there was still one machine missing that had been on our 'wish list' for years: the CNC milling machine. In the early summer of 2021 the time had come. Our freshly ordered and brand new Morbidelli M100 arrived by truck from Italy on a sunny morning in June. A state-of-the-art CNC milling machine for wood that allows us to refine our productions even further.

What is a CNC milling machine?

The abbreviation CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. A CNC machine is actually a machine that is operated by a computer to perform operations in wood, plastic or metal. Our Morbidelli CNC milling cutter can actually mill anything in wood that you can draw on the computer. It is very cool to see how this CNC machine produces exactly what you have just drawn, accurate to the hundredth of a millimeter. And because this machine is equipped with a large glass milling hood, you can see it all happening live. A kind of robotic arm takes the right tools from a holder and processes your table or furniture exactly the way you want it.

How does a CNC milling machine work?

A CNC milling machine is a computer-controlled milling machine that works with 10 to 15 different cutters. The handy thing is that the milling machine not only does the milling work for you very quickly and accurately, but that the machine also changes milling cutters when necessary. The CNC mill contains a magazine with all conceivable sizes and shapes of milling cutters and the machine itself selects the most suitable milling cutter for each operation. And that goes super fast too, very cool to see. If you follow the processes through the glass shade, you can see your design being created in wood. You cannot mill against it by hand, so that saves a lot of time and money.

Rent CNC milling machine wood

We specifically use the CNC milling machine for the production of dining tables , bathroom furniture , kitchen fronts and kitchen tops . But it is also possible for us to have something milled yourself. Due to the fixed setup costs, this is especially interesting for series of approximately 5-10 pieces. If you can provide your wishes on a drawing, we will provide the right wood. The drawing is preferably a computer drawing in DXF format. If all goes well, we can use them one-on-one to carry out your milling operations for you. Or you can bring your own panels or sheets, that is also possible. Our CNC milling machine can saw and mill all wood to size. But also, for example, sheet material with or without an HPL coating. As long as it can be worked on a beam table. We can even arrange the transport of your CNC milling work for you. Please feel free to drop by to discuss the possibilities.

CNC milling machine for CNC milling DroomHout Utrecht

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