Oak kitchen island is trending!

Keukeneiland van eiken is trending!

Oak in your kitchen is hip

Oak kitchen fronts DroomHout

Jade and Tim were moving and wanted to have their house ready for sale. They ordered beautiful solid oak kitchen fronts from DroomHout for the cooking island and the wall cabinets. Finished in warm oak with milled handles and soft-close system, the kitchen looked like new. Of course, the rest of the house was also prepared for sale, so their home was sold for a good price.

An entire kitchen island made of solid oak

And when you move to a new home, you want your most beautiful kitchen there. So DroomHout was asked to make the kitchen fronts and the kitchen top in the couple's spacious kitchen. The kitchen island with seating area measures no less than 470 x 200 cm! Solid oak kitchen fronts have been placed around the kitchen island.

Kitchen fronts oak milled handle, soft close system DroomHout

Cabinet doors and drawer fronts with milled handles that open and close using a soft-close system. All finished with our super strong matte clear lacquer , which protects well against stains, discoloration and damage to the wood. The doors and drawer fronts have a milled steel profile, which makes them extra strong and prevents the wood from damaging.

Worktop made of thick solid oak

Kitchen top worktop solid oak DroomHout

We were also allowed to make the worktop and this 5 cm thick oak wood is combined with a concrete ciré top. A nice match, especially together with the cast floor, this gives a sleek yet warm appearance. The corners of the worktop are mitered for a chic effect. Just like the fronts, the top has been treated with our matte clear lacquer, so you can have drinks and eat at the kitchen island without fear of stains. Here you can read in more depth how it works when treating a kitchen worktop.

An entire kitchen island made of oak is a unity

The entire cooking island is therefore made of solid oak, the fronts of 18 mm thick average rustic oak and the worktop of 50 mm thick oak of the same optical quality.

Kitchen DreamWood oak solid kitchen fronts worktop

The oak with the knots looks beautiful with the concrete ciré top and integrated black wine climate cabinet. Together with the velor bar stools Franky Velvet from Dutchbone in the playful colors old pink and petrol, this creates a calm, attractive unit in Jade and Tim's kitchen. She and we at DroomHout think it is a very nice result!

I also want oak in my kitchen

Do you also like solid oak kitchen fronts ? Or are you also considering a solid oak worktop? Or do you want both, like Jade and Tim? Make an appointment to discuss it with us in Utrecht or an online consultation or fill in our contact form with your questions and we will contact you. We are happy to walk with you so that you get the ultimate cool dream kitchen with our DreamWood in it!

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Kitchen solid oak DroomHoutKitchen solid oak DroomHoutKitchen solid oak DroomHout

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