Give your living room character with a rug from Dutchbone. At DroomHout you will find a large collection of Dutchbone rugs, let yourself be inspired!

Vloerkleden van Dutchbone - by DroomHout

Dutchbone rugs


    Are you looking for a Dutchbone rug? Good choice! The rugs from this brand have incredibly beautiful and unique designs, which provide extra atmosphere to every room in which they are located. Curious? Then view our range of Dutchbone rugs!  

    The worldly rugs from Dutchbone  

    Dutchbone is a Dutch brand, but its designs are inspired by people and cultures from all over the world. As a result, this brand's collection consists of unique designs that give your interior a nice upgrade, and this of course also applies to the Dutchbone rugs.  

    In addition, sustainability is an important part of the philosophy of this brand. We look for sustainable materials to make the furniture and accessories and we also strive for responsible production processes. Dutchbone rugs are not only inspired by the world, but also try to be as good as possible for that world.  

    Our collection of Dutchbone rugs  

    On the one hand, there are the Dutchbone rugs with calm, subtle prints and patterns. For example, you can think of a line pattern with mainly shades of the same color. On the other hand, there are rugs from Dutchbone with rich prints. In many cases it concerns ethnic prints, but a Dutchbone rug with leopard print also occurs, for example. There is a beautiful Dutchbone rug for almost every taste in this collection.  

    Not only any prints or patterns determine the look of the Dutchbone rugs, but also the shape. Of course we have beautiful rectangular rugs from this brand, but if you want something different than a angular rug, the round Dutchbone rugs are highly recommended.  

    Discover Dutchbone rugs in our showroom  

    You can be inspired by the beautiful Dutchbone rugs in our range here on our website, but how nice is it if you can also see them in real life? This is possible in our showroom in Utrecht. Here you can see the rugs and even feel how soft they are. You will also find many more beautiful things from this brand, including Dutchbone dining room chairs and lamps from Dutchbone . So do you want to give your interior a fresh look? Then come and get inspiration in our showroom!  

    Buy a Dutchbone rug at DroomHout  

    With so many beautiful rugs to choose from, it is not surprising if you would also like to have a Dutchbone rug on your floor. Have you found a favorite yet? Then order this from DroomHout and benefit from a number of extra benefits. For example, you receive a standard two-year warranty on our range and delivery is free. If you choose to pick up your order in our showroom, you will receive a 10% pick-up discount on the total amount.

    Don't let these benefits and such a beautiful carpet pass you by and order your new Dutchbone carpet online at DroomHout!