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April, live the way you've wanted it for years!

April, wonen zoals je het eigenlijk al jaren wil!

We all live.

Big, small, high, low, simple or luxurious. Then I'm not even talking about the location where you can live...
There are as many variations in living as there are people! We all dream too. He would like to live larger, she would like a nice garden and does not necessarily have to live larger. Fortunately, we all have wishes and dreams, which makes it exciting and never boring!

Unfortunately, the housing market is under pressure and for many people it remains a matter of dreaming about another home for the time being.

The good news is that this means we have to look at our current interior with fresh eyes. We look for innovation within the possibilities. An extension, a dormer window, another bathroom, kitchen, floor, furniture and/or accessories!

Ready for a few tips to take a fresh look at your current interior?
Here is a 10-step plan for a mini-morphosis!

Mood board Step 1: Collect home magazines, cut out what appeals to you & make a practical home wish list.
Step 2: Determine which furniture will stay and which furniture you will say goodbye to.
Step 3: Determine your budget
Step 4: Put all the cut-out images together and try to create a unity. This is how a mood board is created. (Mood board)
Step 5: Shopping! Realize that it is better to make one or two good purchases that you fully support, than to make several purchases that you quickly tire of or are of poor quality.

Step 6: Determine colors/wallpaper that may be on the walls (to match permanent and new furniture/accessories)

Step 7: Remove all the furniture & accessories that you have collected over the years.
Step 8: Paint the walls and ceiling. Choose standard white for the ceiling for an optimal spatial effect.
Step 9: Place the new/existing furniture, window decoration & lighting.
Step 10: And finally, finish it off by adding the new decoration & character. Don't forget the photos and accessories with sentimental value!

So... If you say it quickly, it's not that bad! ;-), I challenge you, get the most out of your current home! Make your house a home!

See you next month!

Interior stylist, So!design.

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April, live the way you've wanted it for years!