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De DroomHout house selection oak wood

De DroomHout huisselectie eikenhout

In this series of three you will be introduced to the three standard types of wood from DroomHout, namely oak, walnut and olive ash. In this round we would like to tell you more about oak wood. Oak (or oak) is one of the best-known types of wood. In general, oak wood is strong and hard, but also relatively easy to work and finish. There is a big difference between one oak wood and another. The best-known trading groups include:

European oak: this is the traditional oak wood from which, among other things, classic oak furniture and statues are made.

American white oak: is lighter in color.

American red oak: pinker in color.

Oak wood is available in many quality types, which says nothing about the quality of use, but everything about the amount of knots and discolourations that occur in the oak wood. At DroomHout, a beautiful, medium-rustic quality European oak is used for all furniture and custom work made from oak. This medium rustic quality oak wood is characterized by a beautiful natural drawing that distinguishes the DroomHout oak wood from all furniture that is not made of real wood. With this quality of oak wood, you can choose to leave any small cracks or open knots in the oak wood open (most natural in appearance) or to fill it with a similar-colored filler (most practical). This does not matter for the price.

On request we are also happy to supply the American oak variant or more or less rustic European oak. For your convenience, in the DroomHout design studio you will find various furniture and samples made of this average rustic oak wood so that you can get a good idea of ​​it.

For the standard finish of oak wood, you can choose from a matte clear Skylt lacquer (leaves the original color of the untreated oak intact and provides optimal protection), a white wash from Osmo (gives the oak a light gray tint and the grains are extra emphasized). ) and a natural hard wax oil from Osmo (enhances the natural color of the oak and makes your oak furniture warmer in appearance). But also consider a finish with high-gloss white lacquer where the grain structure remains clearly visible, breathtakingly beautiful and easy to realize on request. The 4 cm thick solid panels in the photo above are also available as ready-made table tops.

Old oak is also very current. This is simply the same oak as described, but in an aged variant. For example, DroomHout makes very robust oak dining tables from old oak beams that have beautifully grayed and scarred due to weather and wind.

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De DroomHout house selection oak wood