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DroomHout op maat - creëer je eigen unieke tafel
A few weeks ago, Robert Jan walked into our showroom with a special request. He was looking for a suitable oak panel for a base. Not just any oak panel. But a suitable table top to breathe new life into his Rietveld table. We at DroomHout are of course happy to help with this! We attach great importance to creativity. A designer table designed by an architect, furniture maker and a native of Utrecht. That together with a piece of Dream Wood, how nice is that? DroomHout develops beautiful wooden furniture itself, which is conceived and developed in our design studio in Utrecht. Do you have an item in your home that you love and would like to give it a new look? DroomHout is happy to help you with this. Customized DreamWood, at your home. Especially now that sustainability is of paramount importance, this is a fantastic way to use what you already have. You may have a beautiful, show-off heirloom, but it is not entirely to your taste. Or could it use some love. By replacing a part, your item will be as good as new again. Isn't that what you want yourself? Robert Jan had a base that was now 30 years old and was looking for a new top. No sooner said than done. See the beautiful result here, a solid oak table, partly by DroomHout, partly by Robert Jan.

A table with a story, create your unique custom wooden table

DroomHout custom-made - oak panels - white oak - wooden table by DroomHout
An enthusiast will immediately recognize it, Rietveld's military table. A real classic in the design world. The designer table was designed in 1923 by Gerrit Rietveld. Originally for a Catholic Military Home in Utrecht. What makes this series so unique is that Rietveld used nuts and bolts instead of wooden dowels for the first time. This made this series, and thus this table, extremely sturdy. The table has characteristic square crossbeams, available in various colours. For example, did you know that the original, first version had a red base?

Sustainability - old & new come together in this vintage table

DroomHout custom-made - oak panels - white oak - wooden table by DroomHout

The chassis, originally in red, was reused. With a new lick of paint by the owner. But the existing top now needed to be replaced. So Robert Jan looked for a magazine in the sleek style, to honor the original design. A beautiful oak panel, in white oak. An oak carpentry panel from DroomHout is made from European oak. Available in 3 qualities, there is always a nice option for your unique table top. The choice for AB quality was logical in this case. AB oak wood has an optimal appearance and sleek finish. Knots are stopped and the slats are beautifully finished. A suitable choice for this designer dining table. The choice was a solid oak panel in 18 mm. In terms of dimensions, a size of 180 x 100 cm was chosen, made from a panel of 244 x 122 cm. This even means that there was still a piece left. Nice to know, residual wood is allowed. You might be able to make some nice coasters or a cutting board out of this!

Oak panels made from sustainable oak for every creative project

Would you like to get started yourself? Then you have definitely come to the right place at DroomHout. Whether you are looking for modern wooden kitchen fronts or wooden bathroom furniture. Or like Robert Jan wants to get started with a designer table. DroomHout is happy to think along with you. Our oak panels can be used for beautiful original projects. Take this great Rietveld classic. How cool that this oak table can now last for years to come. With a new top, the 30-year-old Rietveld dining table is completely new again. Also such a cool idea? Come visit our design studio in Utrecht.

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DroomHout custom - Oak panels - White oak - Wooden table by DroomHout

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