Chair Mobitec Toro in Het Timmerfabriekje

Stoel Mobitec Toro in Het Timmerfabriekje

Dining room chair Toro from Mobitec

Chair Mobitec Toro in Het Timmerfabriekje - by DroomHout

Every house is unique with its own style. Customer Fleur is a graphic designer and loves interior design and art. She has completely transformed her house "Het Timmerfabriekje" into a super cool loft. Her uniqueness should not be missing in her furniture. She fell for our extensive collection of dining tables and looked for the ideal dining room chairs to match. The Toro dining room chair from Mobitec perfectly met her expectations. Nothing is too crazy with this chair. Combine multiple fabrics and wood colors. Are you going for a warm wooden table leg or industrial metal? Fleur chose to go with an oak wooden frame, in a walnut look, for a warm appearance. To top it all off, the fabric Genova Green was chosen. We are totally fans!

A timeless dining room chair

The Toro from Mobitec is a chair with style and without fuss. The seat and backrest are designed separately for optimal comfort. This also makes the Toro chair look airy. In addition, it is a well-thought-out design with clean lines and no visible screws.

Dining room chair according to your wishes

Chair Mobitec Toro in Het Timmerfabriekje - by DroomHout

What makes this chair really special? You can put it together completely according to your own wishes. We proudly present the Toro chair here in the class 4 fabric Genova Green. A personal favorite with a touch of velvet. But in our design studio you will discover countless other fabrics with which you can cover the chair. Give free rein to your creativity and even consider having the chair covered in two different fabrics and colors.

Custom chair

Not only is the upholstery customizable, but the legs also offer various options. In addition to the choice of three different types of wood, the legs can also be supplied in different wood colors. Whether you prefer black oak or a nut color on oak. The choice is yours!

Dining room chair with or without armrest?

Chair Mobitec Toro in Het Timmerfabriekje - by DroomHout

Then we haven't even talked about the armrest yet. The Toro offers the option of a regular or curved backrest, which can also serve as an armrest. This curved armrest can be seen at Het Timmerfabriekje. The slight bend of the backrest provides the right support for the arms. The chair still looks slim and open. A funny detail: the version with armrest can be hung on the table. A nice statement and at the same time space-saving in your home.

Dining room chair of your dreams

Also looking for a dining room chair that will complete your interior? Come take a quick look at our showroom. We are happy to help you choose your perfect chair. Did you know? In addition to the Toro, all Mobitec chairs can be completely customized to your taste. So it's fun to combine several chairs in the same fabric.

Chair Mobitec Toro in Het Timmerfabriekje - by DroomHout
Chair Mobitec Toro in Het Timmerfabriekje - by DroomHout

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