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How do I create a mood board?

Hoe maak ik een moodboard?

So many beautiful things, so many home magazines, so many television programs... so much on offer! How do you find out what your style is! What suits your family situation, what suits your home, light and the taste of both you and your partner?! Are you dealing with heirlooms or furniture that you are emotionally attached to? Do you want the house to be livable, in addition to looking very attractive?

Normally these are a number of guidelines that I pay attention to when I redecorate & style a home or workspace. I translate the customer's wishes into a practical, livable yet stylish interior. Do you want to make your own mood board?

Moodboard DreamWood Make sure you have a large stack of home furnishings magazines in the styles that appeal to you. Tear out all the images of interiors, furniture or colors that you like. Once you have torn out an entire stack, put all the images together on an empty table. For example, if you have torn out several tables, choose 1. Have you noticed that you have unconsciously been tearing out the same shape or color over and over again? Often yes, just pay attention! Remove the (afterwards) less appealing images until you are left with a nice base (also take a look at Pinterest.com for lots of living inspiration).

Place these images next to each other and see what you are still missing, a piece of furniture, a color or an accessory, try to create a whole with the remaining images, if all goes well you now have one fitting whole! Stick this on a large sheet of paper. The style is now clear, now the layout. Need help? DroomHout & So!design are happy to help you with the layout and associated custom furniture in any desired style!

See you next month, then tips on how to proceed if you decide to sell your home!

With inspiring regards,

Suzanne Oosterom


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How do I create a mood board?