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ZigZag wooden design cabinet

Houten designkast ZigZag

Zigzag cupboard DroomHout This beautiful design cupboard is a combination of special walnut wood and sturdy stainless steel. My starting point when designing was to combine a special design and construction with a dual purpose function. The cabinet can be placed against a wall as a bookcase. And due to its open design, the cabinet is also very suitable as a room divider without blocking out much light. The cabinet can then be used from both sides.

Even though the cabinet is made of heavy material, it still has a light appearance. This also makes this cabinet suitable for smaller spaces. The wooden shape is naturally flexible. But the vertical uprights ultimately make the cabinet very strong.

This version is 214 cm high, 120 cm wide and 40 cm deep. Of course, this cabinet is also available in other sizes and types of wood. Various finishes are also possible, such as oil or lacquer. Zigzag cabinet DreamWoodZigzag cabinet DreamWood

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ZigZag wooden design cabinet