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Industrial table with Red Cedar tree disc

Industriële tafel met Red Cedar boomschijf

The story of a beautiful tree disk from the Thuja Plicata (Western Red Cedar) tree that found the perfect owner.

From tree disk to idea

Red cedar table DroomHout This beautiful tree disk stood under the stairs at DroomHout's factory for months, until our own creative Timbert Lyssen sounded the alarm. Timbert already had an idea how this tree disk could be transformed into his dining room table. He could totally see it in his mind, industrial rusted legs in combination with a robust tree disc (treated with a clear semi-gloss lacquer).

From idea to table

Ideas became reality, Timbert took home the plaque and developed his idea. This slab (with a diameter of 80 cm, an average thickness of 9 cm and a weight of 15 - 20 kg) needed good support, but it had to fit in with Timbert's industrial style. Timbert managed to acquire three standard desk legs from a local hardware store. He treated these legs with stripper and then allowed them to rust, so that the colors of the legs matched the red tones from the tree disc.

After a few days, Timbert was finally able to put his legs under his beautiful top and below you will find the result: Red Cedar Dream Wood

Red Cedar Dream Wood

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Industrial table with Red Cedar tree disc