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Nice long evening of lounging!

Lekkere lange avond loungen!

And yes! Yesterday I had a very long day in the east of the country for one Siena 3-seater sofa major interior project! A super stylish and contemporary interior realized on completion! Client happy, I happy! But the best part was that it was not only a long day, but also a long evening! It was a typical sultry evening, as they say! Wonderfully comfortable with a glass of wine and a snack in the garden (read: on the deck) enjoying the weather and the blooming blossoms and dragonflies fluttering around.

In my mind, I had already renovated the garden 3 times that evening, I had thought that a kind of veranda could be added, yes, one like you are somewhere in the middle of Tuscany... or a sturdy solid oak border around the border filled with hydrangeas. ..But what will be the first purchase… is a wooden bench that can be placed on one side of the outdoor table. Then the kids and friends can all sit down on the large couch! And we sit opposite on chairs or oak stools…Yes, I'm going to make a sketch right away! Did you know that in addition to standard garden furniture, DroomHout also makes furniture according to your own wishes and ideas?!

I would say, sit in your garden for an evening and the best ideas will come to mind!

Until next month, I will explain everything about how you can create a good mood board in your personal interior style!

With inspiring regards,

Suzanne Oosterom


Siena corner sofa 7-seater

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Nice long evening of lounging!