Custom cabinet wall: a personal touch

Kastenwand op maat: een persoonlijke touch

It is always exciting to take on a new project, including Jennifer who was looking for a beautiful custom-made cupboard wall. Jennifer had a clear vision for her interior and wanted to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. That's why she chose our oak panels to make her dream interior come true. And we at DroomHout were happy to help make this perfect down to the last detail, from color to finish. Because ultimately it is the craftsmanship and the personal touch that create an eye-catcher within Jennifer's interior. If you are looking for that same personal touch but do not need a wall cupboard, please take a look at our wooden dining room tables .

Oak cabinet wall for warmth

Custom-made warm oak wall cabinet - By DroomHout

To achieve this warm appearance, Jennifer and I opted for warm oak cabinet doors that emphasize the natural appearance of the wood. The warm tones of the oak give the room a rustic yet modern look. Something that goes perfectly with the natural wooden beams and rural appearance of the house. If you want to recreate this warm appearance, you can opt for a wooden bathroom furniture that suits your style.

Custom made oak wall cupboard

Every project is unique, just like every customer. And that is why we at DroomHout believe in customization. Together with Jennifer we looked at a cupboard wall that fully meets their needs and style. From dimensions to finish, so that the cupboard wall fits seamlessly within the space. In Jennifer's case, peace is immediately created within the space, because the cupboard disappears perfectly and creates a beautiful wood accent. To complete the cabinet wall, a V-groove finish was chosen. This emphasizes the individual planks within the solid oak fronts, while retaining the strength of the fronts.

Custom wall cabinet - wooden wall cabinet by DroomHout

Oak wall cabinet that suits your project

Oak wood offers a range of options when it comes to color choice and finish. For Jennifer we chose a warm oak color that fits perfectly with the rest of her interior. By using an oil with color pigments, we have created the perfect color that seamlessly matches her wishes. In addition, we have finished the cabinet wall with an oil that not only accentuates the wood structure, but also protects the wood against daily wear and tear.

Custom oak furniture

Have you been inspired by Jennifer's project and would you like to get started with custom-made oak or walnut fronts yourself? Or do you need some extra advice? Then visit our showroom in Utrecht , where our team is ready to help you with all your questions and inspire you with our beautiful collection. We look forward to working with you to make your dream interior a reality.

Custom-made warm oak wall cabinet - By DroomHout

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