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Project in Switzerland by Kobs Interieur

Project in Zwitserland door Kobs Interieur

Kobs interior oak panels DroomHout An unusual project with a fantastic tea room in Lucerne, Switzerland as the end result. That was what interior architects Polle Koks and Marieke Jacobs stood for. DroomHout panels added a beautiful warm natural atmosphere to the emerald green and anthracite gray interior, an excellent combination. 'Teehaus Blend' has been serving approximately 50 exclusive types of tea in this beautiful tea shop since the beginning of 2015, ranging from green tea from Japan and China to various exotic mixes that many have never heard of before.

Oak panels from DroomHout

Kobs interior oak DroomHout KOBS naturally chose oak panels from DroomHout for the furnishings. The relationship with DroomHout dates back many years when Polle Koks and Marieke Jacobs were first introduced to the high-quality oak panels that are produced with great care in DroomHout's own factory in Utrecht. Because the entire process of putting together a custom panel takes place entirely in-house at DroomHout, there is maximum influence on quality and specific customer wishes. Polle Koks and Marieke Jacobs have previously happily used DroomHout oak panels to produce, among other things, the beautiful lounge sofa at the bottom of the page.

KOBS Interior Architecture in Utrecht

Kobs interior oak DroomHout KOBS is a collaboration between interior architects Polle Koks & Marieke Jacobs. KOBS designs and realizes furniture and interiors. With each assignment, we carefully look at the current situation and the strong aspects of the space. A personal, stylish and sustainable end result is achieved in consultation with the client. By collaborating with DroomHout, KOBS can think 'out of the box' because any type of wood, size and finish is possible. Also read our blog post: The Vroeg Diaries - interview with an enthusiastic DroomHout customer.

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Project in Switzerland by Kobs Interieur