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Peace in your home: a green wall

Rust in je huis: een groene muur

Bring nature inside by creating a green wall in your home. Completely contemporary and a green wall creates peace and balance. This makes such a wall suitable for any room: the living room, the kitchen and even in the bathroom very beautiful. Go for matte colors such as Early dew from Flexa .

Green in the bathroom

The bathroom is a place for yourself. Peace is what a bathroom should radiate. You can easily create this by painting or tiling a wall in a soft green color. Wooden furniture fits perfectly here. Us bathroom furniture Serenity against a green wall gives a warm and natural look.

Atmospheric kitchen

In the kitchen you like to cook with natural products. A wall in the color green emphasizes this atmosphere. A natural product such as a dining table made of old oak or a walnut kitchen top is the ultimate combination with a green wall.

Living room in the color green

Green as an accent color in the living room: beautiful! For example, combine a calm gray-green wall with wood, white accessories and other green tones. Think of a wooden floor and a wooden table such as the Lima table made of oak . You can create an oasis of peace against a green wall.

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Peace in your home: a green wall