Stylish bathroom set with slatted structure

Stijlvolle badkamerset met lattenstructuur

In the search for the perfect bathroom design, it is often a challenge to seamlessly integrate functionality and a luxurious appearance. But what if you have the opportunity to put together your own bathroom furniture? That is exactly what Ewelina chose at DroomHout. The end result? A beautiful solid white oak bathroom furniture with slatted structure, including a matching bathroom cabinet to complete the whole.

Put together your own bathroom furniture

Wooden bathroom furniture Immaculate - by DroomHout

DroomHout is known for its custom-made bathroom furniture , and this bathroom furniture is no exception. Ewelina entered our showroom and we immediately started thinking about the best solution. Which type of wood and color best suits the tiles in the new bathroom? How can we make the bathroom look bigger? And which style are we going for? These are all questions that we would like to think about and take the time to answer. Ultimately, Ewelina chose a white solid oak bathroom furniture and bathroom cabinet with a slatted structure. We took our proven bathroom furniture Immaculate as a basis. This means there is enough space for all your belongings, so that the bathroom looks spacious. The white oak finish provides the perfect combination with the lighter bathroom tiles, creating a stylish whole.

Custom bathroom furniture from DroomHout

Wooden bathroom furniture Immaculate - by DroomHout

Each piece of furniture is made by hand, taking into account the specific dimensions and layout of your bathroom. The result is a perfectly fitting piece of furniture that is not only visually attractive but also makes optimal use of the available space. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we have the DroomHout factory opposite the showroom. This means you can always watch and there is a short line of communication. With Ewelina we were able to make last-minute changes, so that the finish fitted seamlessly with the new bathroom. This way you won't be faced with any surprises.

Bathroom set white oak

Wooden bathroom cabinet - wooden bathroom cabinets by DroomHout

The use of 18 mm solid white oak as the basis for this bathroom furniture immediately gives a feeling of timeless elegance. The soft, natural tones of the wood provide a clear and fresh appearance, making the bathroom an oasis of peace. To complete the picture, Ewelina chose to have a matching bathroom cabinet made from solid oak. With its spacious standard size of 160 cm high, 35 cm wide and 35 cm deep, this bathroom cabinet offers more than enough space for all bathroom utensils. But for the ultimate picture, the bathroom cabinet should actually be slightly deeper. Due to its tailor-made dimensions, the Ewelina bathroom cabinet fit perfectly in the corner of the bathroom, next to the designer radiator.

Bathroom set with refined slatted structure

Wooden bathroom furniture Immaculate - by DroomHout

What really sets this beautiful piece of furniture apart for your bathroom is the addition of a slatted structure. This subtle finish adds a refined texture to the surface, giving the furniture a unique and luxurious look. The slatted structure emphasizes the natural grains and knots of the white oak, which creates a beautiful contrast and gives the furniture a characteristic flair. In addition, the vertical slatted structure makes your bathroom appear visually larger, which is a win-win for Ewelina. To make the slatted structure come into its own, a push-to-open system has been used on both the bathroom cabinet and the bathroom furniture. This allowed us to give Ewelina the sleek look she was going for.

Put together your own bathroom furniture

Are you the next to assemble your bathroom furniture at DroomHout? We are happy to think along with you and provide advice. You can view the different wood types and colors in our showroom. In addition, our standard bathroom furniture gives you a good impression of what your furniture can look like. So nice to see it in real life. So make an appointment online quickly or just drop by for a cup of coffee or tea with chocolate and advice on creating your dream bathroom.

Wooden bathroom furniture Immaculate - by DroomHout

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