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Custom table: the realization of Adraan's dream

Custom-made wooden dining table - Danish oval top in white oak - DroomHout

What a cool jewel this has become! And what a wonderful setting too. Adriaan, a lover of refined furniture, entered DroomHout with a clear vision. He was looking for the perfect table to complement his bright, modern living space with large windows. This table not only had to be functional, but also a visual highlight.

Design table wood: Adraan's choice

Adraan's specific wishes were clear: he wanted a unique design table made of wood. The inspiration for this piece of furniture came from his admiration for Danish design. As a result, he opted for a custom-made oak top in the shape of a Danish oval table with tapered edges. This design symbolized the timeless elegance he was looking for.

Production in craftsmanship

DroomHout has always maintained the highest standards for craftsmanship and quality. In this case it was no different. Our dedicated team started production, perfecting the design down to the smallest detail. The use of a chrome hairpin leg to support the oak top provided the perfect balance between modern and classic.

In collaboration with Adriaan

Custom-made wooden dining table - Danish oval top in white oak - DroomHout

Communication with Adriaan went smoothly. We kept him regularly informed of production progress and were always open to his questions and suggestions. Together we worked on making his dream table a reality.

Design table wood in modern space

When the table is finally ready, Adriaan feels the excitement as he places his new masterpiece in his home. The table is surrounded by large windows, which characterize the bright, modern space. This is the moment when the wooden designer table comes into its own.

Mixed wood-colored chairs for the finishing touch

To create an inviting atmosphere, Adriaan has carefully chosen mixed wood-colored chairs . This turned out to be the perfect choice and the result is stunning. The modern room with the wooden designer table and chairs forms a harmonious unity. We think it's super cool, but above all very cool.

A lasting memory at DroomHout

At DroomHout we are proud that we have not only created a table, but also a lasting memory for Adriaan and his house. The wooden designer table is more than just a piece of furniture; it is a work of art that enriches the space.

Custom table: a new chapter

The collaboration with Adriaan was inspiring and offers new opportunities for future projects. That is why we would like to share the photos with you. We look forward to making more dreams come true and creating more custom design tables .

Postscript Adriaan via Google Reviews

"Droomhout was the best place for us to continue with the idea of ​​wanting a suitable table for our home. The reception in the showroom was excellent, the advice was well dosed with sufficient sensitivity to our wishes. We thought for a long time about various options. At all moments of doubt there was a measured answer. The drawing and the quotation were clear and acceptable. The production and delivery went smoothly and in good consultation.

Custom-made wooden dining table - Danish oval top in white oak - DroomHout

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