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Patio furniture for Saudi Arabia

Terrasmeubilair voor Saoedi-Arabië

DreamWood in Jeddah

Sounds nice, right? Too good to be true, but it really happened. We have been approached to make a very nice collection of patio furniture for a new restaurant to be built on the university complex of the University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Right on the sea, waving palms, the ideal picture.

Wood in the desert Because we regularly deliver to the surrounding countries, we were surprised by Saudi Arabia. Through a Dutch agent who worked there, we were asked to think about the layout and designs. It had to be wood, not seen that much in Saudi Arabia, so quite exclusive.

Sustainable Douglas fir wood Because the patio furniture should not only last a long time but also be located right next to the sea, we opted for sustainable Douglas fir wood, which lasts a long time. We would finish the thick Douglas fir beams with a light white stain for a nice beachy effect.

Furniture for the catering industry but also for home. If you are thinking: I want that too, then there is good news. Inspired by the patio furniture of Pure Restaurant in Jeddah, we designed a beautiful garden table with the name Firenze in the same solid Douglas beams. Firenze garden table We supply affordable untreated Douglas wood as standard because in the milder Dutch climate this furniture ages beautifully naturally. Staining is always possible, now or later, choose exactly how you want your garden table and order it now quickly from DroomHout.
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Patio furniture for Saudi Arabia