Fluid Balance - NEW from Zuiver

Fluid Balance - NIEUW van Zuiver

Zuiver 2022 autumn collection - Fluid Balance

Always wonderful news from Zuiver when the new collections arrive. Zuiver's new autumn collection is now available. And DroomHout naturally supplies the entire Zuiver range. This collection is characterized by a beautiful balance between clear lines, simple beauty and soft, comforting tones. Zuiver calls this new collection Fluid Balance. Sounds nice and clean, right? :-)

Zuiver Balance hanging lamp - 3 sizes, 2 colours

Hanging lamp Zuiver Balance L Nature - lamps by DroomHout

The Balance hanging lamp is perhaps the core of Zuiver's new Fluid Balance collection. A series of hanging lamps that come in the colors natural and black. And also in three sizes. A large variant (L, 60 cm diameter). An M with a 45 cm hood. And a slightly smaller S variant (35 cm diameter). You can also create one large lighting object by hanging several lamps together. Super cool hanging lamps for above your dining table or chest of drawers. Think of two or three next to each other for an elongated table. Or a hanging lamp in the middle above a round dining table . These hanging lamps are made of good quality rattan. Rattan is a renewable material. It is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. And the 'mother plant' does not need to be cut down during harvest. So nice and sustainable. A valuable addition to our collection of lamps .

Round dining table Zuiver Storm - 128 cm

Round dining table Zuiver Storm '128 - dining tables by DroomHout

This is also really great. We are very happy with it. Zuiver had the Storm dining table in its range for a few years as a straight version. And now also as a round dining table. At first glance you may not see that the Storm table is actually a work of art. The Storm is not only a beautiful table but has many beautiful details. For example, there is the beautiful V-groove in the table top. And have you seen those beautifully constructed oak legs that seem to flow from the table top? Really great to see. It turns this round table into a real designer table. This round Storm dining table is available in different colors and one nice size with a diameter of 128 cm. Large enough to seat 4-5 chairs around it. The table is made of oak and is 75 cm high. You will find this dining table and others in our dining tables category.

Zuiver Bonnet dining room chair - 4 colours

We can never get enough of beautiful chairs. Zuiver makes an extensive collection of dining room chairs and we sell them all. This Bonnet chair is available in 4 trendy colors: ocher, green, terracotta and gray/blue. What you often see with Zuiver chairs is that these colors match very well together. This means that you can take four pieces of a color. But that two for two or all four different also fit very well together. Really well chosen again from Zuiver. The Bonnet, which stands for a graceful French women's hat, is sophisticated in its simplicity. With a width of only 45 cm, many chairs can easily fit at your table. The warm soft seat matches beautifully with the slim black steel frame. So mix and match and have fun in Fluid Balance!

Rug Zuiver Olympic - oval

Rug Zuiver Olympic 67 x 245 cm - rugs by DroomHout

A nod to an Olympic competition course, the Olympic rug . This rug is oval in shape and reminiscent of the oval tracks of an Olympic stadium. With a special pattern. And with a beautiful color gradient. From deep indigo blue in the center to a warm sand color at the edges. There are three sizes including a runner. Can you already imagine this rug under an oval dining table ? Or as Zuiver combines it under the Storm round table ? This short-pile Decolan rug is extremely durable and suitable for indoor use. And the best part: the Olympic rug is woven 'around the corner' in Belgium, isn't that great? You can shop beautiful affordable rugs at DroomHout.

Useful Fluid Balance accessories

Decorative cushion Zuiver Rings Natural Anthracite - Zuiver by DroomHout

Finally, there are new lamps. For example, there is the rechargeable Smarty table lamp that can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Very affordable and can also be used without a cord. Also in this category table lamp Stellar . Can also be used indoors and outdoors. Lamp Stellar has a built-in dimmer so you can adjust the light to the atmosphere. It is named after the starry sky. A wonderfully practical lamp with a very sleek design. And last but not least, a nice, comfortable-looking decorative pillow. In two chic colors champagne and anthracite. In our opinion, Zuiver is setting a nice trend for next autumn and long afterwards. You can purchase these items and furniture at DroomHout. We think it is a wonderfully nice and warm collection. Warm and light at the same time. And that is what Fluid Balance essentially stands for. Come take a look at our design studio for more inspiration.

Zuiver Bonnet Green chair - dining room chairs by DroomHout
Zuiver Bonnet dining room chair - dining room chairs by DroomHout
Chair Zuiver Bonnet Grey/Blue - dining room chairs by DroomHout
Zuiver Stellar table lamp - Zuiver lamps by DroomHout
Rug Zuiver Olympic 160 x 230 cm - rugs by DroomHout

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