Garden table DroomHout Gubbio (also available with bench)
Garden table DroomHout Gubbio (also available with bench)
Garden table DroomHout Gubbio (also available with bench)
Garden table DroomHout Gubbio (also available with bench)

Garden table DroomHout Gubbio (also available with bench)

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The Gubbio garden table completes your garden

The summer season is our favorite. That makes us happy ! Temperatures are getting warmer and the trees are becoming fuller and greener. Are you a real (green) doer and have you already rolled up your sleeves to prepare the garden for outdoor life? And are you also looking for a nice outdoor table that completes the garden? With the Gubbio garden table you can turn the garden into a cozy extension of the living room. When you see the photos, you suddenly feel like having a nice dinner or a long meal with friends or family? Imagine that the end of the afternoon is approaching and the sun is starting to get a little lower. Every now and then a gentle breeze blows through the trees, but it is still pleasantly warm outside. And while enjoying good company, a nice glass of wine and a tasty snack, the table conversations continue...

Scaffolding wood of the best quality

At DroomHout we make quality. You don't have to doubt that for a second. The Gubbio garden table is made of real sustainable Douglas fir wood. The wood comes straight from construction, is lively, sturdy and simply of the highest quality. The wood is no less than 36 mm thick. That is a lot thicker than standard spruce scaffolding wood. This way it will last even longer. After being outside for a whole season, the color of the wood changes slightly to a beautiful silver gray, also known as the beach look . The table is available in sizes 200 x 95, 220 x 95 and 240 x 95 cm.

Make a garden set with the Gubbio garden bench

Gubbio garden table or... a whole Gubbio garden SET. With a garden bench at your garden table you have a perfect garden set. You can choose 1 sofa and place chairs on the other side of your table. 2 garden benches at your garden table is also possible. The advantage of a bench at your table is that more people can sit and you have more space in your garden. After all, you don't have to push chairs back when you sit down or get up from your chair. Have you seen the sofa with backrest? This one fits so comfortably, a little slanted and that's nice. For optimal seating comfort, place some cushions, which will immediately look cozy and attractive.

How do you maintain your scaffolding wood?

The Gubbio table is made with love and deserves to be treated as such! Now I hear you thinking... 'How do you maintain such a wooden table and how does it stay beautiful for the longest time?' We can easily answer that question for you. You can leave a garden table made of scaffolding wood outside all year round. What is important here is that external influences - such as sun and rain - can easily reach the furniture. This may surprise you, but in our little country there is no precipitation about 93% of the time. This way the wood can dry and work naturally. During the winter months it is better not to cover the garden table with a tarpaulin, for example. This is because a very humid mini-climate is often created, which means that the furniture remains damper than if you did not cover it. It is also preferable not to place the table on a damp surface. But especially on a surface that can dry well. Optionally, you could treat Gubbio every other year with a stain or exterior paint. This way you extend the life of the table and it also remains nice and sleek. Win win! However, you must repeat this every year due to the effect of the wood, causing parts of the wood that have not been treated to come to the surface. View our blog for more information about maintaining sustainable Douglas fir wood .

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