Custom bathroom furniture for Annemieke

Badkamermeubel op maat voor Annemieke

In the quest to create a bathroom that perfectly suits your taste and needs, custom-made bathroom furniture is an excellent choice. Away with standard designs and welcome to bathroom furniture that is not only functional but also an extension of your personality and style. This is exactly what Annemieke did after she was inspired by our bathroom furniture . The Wave bathroom furniture stood out because of its sleek design with slatted structure, but this did not meet Annemiek's wishes in terms of layout and dimensions. That is where we, at DroomHout, came to the rescue.

Bathroom furniture DroomHout Wave - 120 cm white oak - custom bathroom furniture by DroomHout

Oak bathroom furniture according to your wishes

Annemieke entered our showroom with the idea of ​​a new bathroom furniture. Here she spotted the perfect bathroom furniture, but it did not quite meet her wishes. At DroomHout that is no problem. After gaining more inspiration in the showroom, Annemieke chose the Wave bathroom furniture in white oak of 120 cm with an extra cabinet in addition to the standard two drawers. This allowed Annemieke to easily store all her belongings and store them neatly. To maintain the sleek appearance, she opted for a slim sink in combination with the slatted structure. We are totally fans! But of course these choices do not come automatically; At DroomHout we understand that you may have doubts about the size or, as in the case of Annemieke, about the color that best suits your bathroom. To make the right choice, you can always take a color sample home with you, so that you know exactly how the color will look in your bathroom.

Bathroom furniture with slatted structure

To complete the bathroom, Annemieke opted for a slatted structure in white oak. This immediately gives a touch of timeless elegance. The soft, natural tones of the wood provide a clear and fresh look that stands out in combination with the blue bathroom tiles. In short, peace and quiet while still having an eye-catching bathroom furniture.

Bathroom furniture DroomHout Wave - 120 cm white oak - custom bathroom furniture by DroomHout

Wooden bathroom furniture and more

After Annemieke had put together her bathroom furniture, we started looking for ways to create more unity in the bathroom. Sometimes this can be as simple as repeating the same wood color. However, Annemieke did not need a matching bathroom cabinet for extra storage space. But the search didn't end there. Since we at DroomHout specialize in wood, we came up with the idea of ​​matching niche shelves. Made of 30 mm solid oak, in the same white oak version as the bathroom furniture. This has made the bathroom a whole with sufficient storage space.

Bathroom furniture DroomHout Wave - 120 cm white oak - custom bathroom furniture by DroomHout

Design your own custom bathroom furniture

If you dream of a bathroom that seamlessly matches your style and needs, like Annemieke. Then consider switching to custom-made bathroom furniture. Be inspired by the possibilities in the showroom . Or take a look at the website and give your bathroom the personal touch it deserves. We at DroomHout are happy to look with you and think beyond just your bathroom furniture.

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