Jeroen's new kitchen

De nieuwe keuken van Jeroen

Jeroen's new kitchen

Imagine: a kitchen in which every detail perfectly matches your personal style and needs. That is exactly what Jeroen has managed to achieve with his brand new kitchen. One element really stands out: the beautiful custom kitchen worktop , made by the professionals at DroomHout. Jeroen has always been a lover of natural materials and sustainability, and this is reflected in his choice of a kitchen worktop made of bamboo wood. The bamboo wood is of high quality and promises to last a lifetime. The top is made entirely of strips of cross-glued bamboo. This gives a refined finish to the edges of the leaf. This makes the kitchen a real eye-catcher in the kitchen/diner.

Kitchen top DroomHout

Bamboo kitchen top

The bamboo kitchen top extends all the way across the kitchen island. This gives a chic and timeless look. DroomHout also often works with oak or walnut wood in its kitchen worktops. Only solid wood is used. This ensures you of the highest quality. There is nothing more beautiful and pure than a kitchen worktop made entirely of solid wood. We treat the wood with high-quality lacquer. This preserves the natural appearance of the wood and also provides a good dose of life resistance. This way you can continue to enjoy your kitchen for decades to come.

Kitchen for life

In addition to the super cool appearance of this top, it is also super functional. Bamboo is hard and long lasting. It grows super fast, and that is why choosing bamboo wood is also good for the environment. And thanks to the durable properties of bamboo wood, the top is resistant to scratches, heat and moisture, making it perfect for everyday use in the kitchen. Jeroen's kitchen is the heart of the house, and that deserves the high-quality woodworking from DroomHout.

Dreamwood kitchen top

Custom kitchen top

And let's not forget: the process of having his dream kitchen worktop made at DroomHout was an experience in itself. At DroomHout we are happy to think along with you and provide advice where necessary. We look at the current space to create the design together that makes you happy. For example, we also make custom kitchen fronts . This allows you to replace your current kitchen doors for a completely new look. This is a beautiful transformation for your kitchen, and also nice for the wallet. It is the easiest way to completely renovate a kitchen so that it suits your needs.

Drop by

In short, Jeroen's kitchen top is not just a piece of wood; it is a statement, a showpiece that forms the core of his kitchen and his home. Would you also like to have a custom kitchen worktop made that perfectly suits your style and needs? Then be sure to take a look at DroomHout and discover the possibilities for your own unique kitchen. Come by during our opening hours or make an appointment . See you soon.

dream wood kitchen top

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