Build your own bathroom furniture from (dream) wood

Bouw zelf je badkamermeubel van (droom)hout

At DroomHout we not only create, but we help realize your vision, whether that means fully designing and making custom furniture, or in Hein's case, supplying quality oak wood so that his vision could become reality. Hein approached us with great enthusiasm with his ideas for the perfect bathroom, which he wanted to make himself with the best wood. And that is exactly what we at DroomHout have helped with.

Solid oak in your bathroom

Build your own bathroom furniture - wooden bathroom furniture by DroomHout

So it all started with Hein himself. He dreamed of his own designed bathroom furniture that was not only functional, but also radiated timeless beauty. It was essential for Hein that his furniture pieces were made of solid oak, a material that with the right treatment lasts timelessly and radiates a warm character in the bathroom. If you don't have your own design like Hein. Then you can still add the same look and quality to your bathroom. We also have our own collection of bathroom furniture to choose from.

Oak panels for your design

Build your own bathroom furniture - wooden bathroom furniture by DroomHout

He had a specific design in mind for his bathroom vanity, but he needed the perfect panels to bring his idea to life. After a thorough discussion of his wishes and needs, we decided that our 18mm thick oak panels would be the perfect material for his project. But it didn't stop there. To create more peace and unity within the bathroom, it was decided to combine the bathroom furniture with a matching wooden wall shelf and recessed recess designed by Hein, with of course the same wood. This way his design came to life even more.

Custom-made oak panels

With Hein's requirements in mind, we at DroomHout carefully cut the desired wooden panels from our 18 mm thick standard oak panels to size, ensuring that they perfectly fit his design and dimensions, leaving as little residual wood as possible. Every step in the process was aimed at delivering panels of the highest quality, which would enable Hein to realize his vision.

Build your own bathroom furniture - wooden bathroom furniture by DroomHout

From oak panel to bathroom furniture

Build your own bathroom furniture - wooden bathroom furniture by DroomHout

After receiving the panels, Hein Vrins could start creating his bathroom furniture. With the help of the custom sawn panels that DroomHout supplied, he was able to carry out his project with confidence and precision. The end result was bathroom furniture that not only met Hein's expectations, but also inspired and excited us.

Oak wood for your project

This project illustrates not only DroomHout's commitment to providing high-quality materials and products, but also our expertise in meeting the specific needs of our customers. For Hein, the delivery of 18 mm thick oak panels not only meant the completion of his dream bathroom, but also the realization of his vision of timeless interior design. Do you also have a project that you would like to get started on, but are you still looking for the right wood? Please feel freeto contact us and we will be happy to help you realize your vision.

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