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Beautiful custom walnut design table

Fraaie designtafel notenhout op maat

Walnut table DroomHout Walnut, what a beautiful material to work with. Before processing, the wood looks robust and coarse, while after processing it fits perfectly in a sleek and contemporary interior. This is also what Johan thought about it when he chose a table made of this beautiful type of wood. Walnut is an absolute eye-catcher in any interior because of its beautiful contrasting pattern. The walnut that DroomHout American walnut used here is American walnut, which gives a beautiful pattern due to its rapid growth. The finish with a strong matte lacquer enhances this natural effect even further and provides good protection almost without you seeing it.

Origin of walnut wood

Walnut wood originally comes from the 'normal' walnut or walnut (Juglans Regia). Later, the American variety of black walnut (Juglans Nigra) was also widely used. American walnut (or walnut as walnut is called in Belgium) comes from the Eastern United States.

Matching TV cabinet and side table

Walnut side table DroomHout Johan and Femke did not stop at just the dining table, they also opted for a beautiful designer TV cabinet and side table in walnut. A very beautiful and tasteful combination. The DroomHout team wishes them a lot of fun with the furniture!

TV furniture walnut DroomHout Do you also want such a beautiful table? Then be inspired by the Buenos Aires in walnut or our walnut table top.

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Beautiful custom walnut design table