Kitchen makeover with new kitchen fronts

Keuken makeover met nieuwe keukenfronten

Solid oak fronts for a different style

Oak kitchen fronts makeover Jeffrey and Ivette moved into their new house last summer and did not like the look of the country kitchen. Buying a new kitchen was not necessary, so we came up with a great solution together with them: new fronts for a completely new look.

Everything out of your hands

We measured Jeffrey and Ivette and discussed the drawings. The kitchen fronts were then custom made and finished with our matte clear coat . With two young children, this makes their kitchen fronts safe from stains. After this, we installed the kitchen fronts. This way they didn't have to do much about it themselves. They are very satisfied with their 'new' kitchen, 'Thank you for your advice and the work done. The kitchen looks very good, great work!'.

Oak kitchen fronts before and after

Also a kitchen makeover?

Would you also like to know whether something like this is possible in your area and how much it costs? We use solid oak panels of 18 mm thick, which can be used lengthwise or widthwise and the slat continues nicely into the next front. You can also cut or treat it to size yourself. Check here , call or contact us Contact us, we would like to thank you!

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Kitchen fronts oak

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