Bathroom furniture Soap, a classic

Badkamermeubel Soap, een klassieker

It is June 2011 as Noortje and Jaap de DroomHout design studio in Utrecht with the fun plan to have a wooden washbasin made. At that time, 3 years after its founding, we literally made everything. As long as it was made of solid wood. Because that is our passion.

Extra washbasin furniture due to renovation

Noortje and Jaap were here again recently, they have remained loyal customers all these years, we love these kind of nice, sweet people. They were doing a major renovation. A second bathroom for the kids, you know how it is. And of course they wanted another wooden one there washbasin furniture from DroomHout have in. So funny. While talking, we remembered the very beginning in 2011 and laughed about how it all started back then.

Custom washbasin furniture

Today, DroomHout makes solid wood washbasin furniture galore. Not yet “on an assembly line” because it naturally remains a passionate craft. And often also customization. In our current delivery program you will find: various washbasin furniture back, including the slightly modified first model of Noortje and Jaap, bathroom furniture oak Soap .

How does it work?

If you also want a beautiful washbasin in your bathroom and you do not shy away from using beautiful natural materials such as wood? Then take a look at the beautiful models we currently have. You can choose from several widths per model. We also offer all kinds of accessories such as: bathroom mirrors , taps and washbasins . And is your size not listed? Or do you want a completely different design but still want beautiful solid wood? Simply send us a beautiful photo from Pinterest or your own sketched design and we will make it for you.

Can wooden washbasin furniture withstand water?

A question we often hear. Rightly so. Because wood and water are not necessarily the best of friends by nature. Under the influence of water, wood can deteriorate or stain. But not if you treat it right. At DroomHout we treat all our washbasin furniture with a 2-component oil or varnish as standard. Both have a beautiful natural matte appearance. But not only that. They also protect your washbasin furniture very well against water.

Washbasin furniture with separate bowls

Proper protection of your wood is not so exciting with a washbasin with a ceramic bowl on it. Because then the top will of course not have to 'suffer' as much. But especially if you want a washbasin with loose fittings, a good wood finish is crucial. And so you get that.

Floating washbasin furniture or standing

In bathroom furniture land you will actually find two main types: standing furniture and floating furniture that is hung on the wall. People often choose a floor-standing washbasin if a lot of space is needed or if the wall is not suitable or load-bearing. The seventh washbasin furniture gives a nice spacious look to your bathroom and you can easily clean underneath. So something for everyone.

Washbasin furniture with drawers

You can of course just choose a standard washbasin from the site, but you can also let us build it completely to your wishes. And then you can also choose how many drawers you want in your furniture. As standard, drawers up to 120 cm can be made in 1 piece. If your furniture becomes wider, we recommend choosing 2 drawers next to each other from 140 cm for the stability of the drawer. We use the best A-brand drawer guide systems from well-known German brands, which run like a charm.

'Soft-close' or 'tip-on'

Nowadays we make most drawers for your washbasin furniture without handles. These handleless drawers have the 'tip-on' system, which means that the drawer opens by pressing it. With this system, which is sometimes called 'push-to-open', the drawer then comes out. An alternative is the 'soft-close' system. The drawer closes very gradually, but you can only open it by installing a handle or profile. You don't push the drawer open, but you pull it open. And of course it is also just a matter of taste whether or not you want to see handles on your drawers. For advice or inspiration about the various systems, it is best to visit our website design studio .

Complete your washbasin furniture

Did you know that you can also buy all kinds of accessories at DroomHout? Complete your furniture by also choosing sinks , taps and/or a bathroom mirror . Even a matching bathroom cabinet is possible. And besides the fact that everything matches, a set is a lot cheaper. You are very welcome to come and see us in Utrecht. We have a lot of beautiful things here to inspire you. You can immediately sketch out the washbasin furniture of your dreams with us.

Washbasin furniture solid oak DroomHout

Need more information or a customized price?

Enter your details here and we will be happy to help you. Thanks in advance! Feel free to read further and look at our blog post: Add atmosphere to your bathroom with wood.

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