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Blue wood - the art of wood brushing

Blauw hout - de kunst van houtborstelen

Brushed wood "Wood, growing gold" as wood is sometimes called. The natural product wood is so versatile in its appearance and processing. The photos in this article show what happens to wood when you brush it. When brushing wood, a hard wire brush sweeps the softer wood fibers out of the wood, further accentuating the harder wood fibers that remain. This can be done by hand, but it is easier to do with a brush machine, a device that is of course not lacking in the DroomHout factory. Brushing the wood gives it a very lived-in, natural look that can be further enhanced by oiling or staining it afterwards. By varying the colors, this brushed wood gets the look of old wood or scrap wood with a beautiful texture. And then make furniture out of it again, the result is astonishing. More interested in real scrap wood? You can also find furniture made from real reclaimed wood at DroomHout. Also read our blog post: Industrial table with Red Cedar tree disc .

Blue wood

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Blue wood - the art of wood brushing