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Scandinavisch interieur bij jou thuis
Scandinavian interior - DroomHout

Fed up with the chaos in your home? Go for a Scandinavian interior! This interior style is popular for its calm color palette, minimalist design and lots of light use. We are already fans and you will soon be too! 

What is Scandinavian living?

In Scandinavia it gets dark early and there are few hours of sunshine per day anyway. It is therefore not surprising that they opt for a light interior in their home. The basis of a Scandinavian interior is formed by light earth tones, for example white and beige, and lots of light. The walls are usually painted white. By the way, did you know that there isn't just one white? White has many faces and by choosing the right undertone to match your space, it immediately gets a warm appearance. Are you about to whitewash a wall? So first pick up some samples of 'white' at the hardware store and experience the difference at home immediately. From now on, RAL 9010 is no longer the standard, deal?

Already spotted this: oak DREAUM Bellissima table

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5 tips for a Scandinavian interior 

  1. Go WHITE! And especially for white walls. Visit the hardware store or Action (nice and budget-proof ) and stock up on all the necessary paint supplies. It may take you a few hours of work, but then you will have a nice white canvas. From here you can continue to build your beloved Scandinavian interior. 
  2. Wood should certainly not be missing from the Scandinavian living trend. Consider, for example, a beautiful light oak dining table with narrow legs or a designer cabinet. Are you lucky that we at DroomHout, how could it be otherwise, make things from oak? We are happy to help you make your Scandinavian living dream come true. In addition to our runners, for example the oak DREAUM Forcina table , we also make custom oak furniture. So do you have a table model in mind that you cannot find anywhere in the well-known home furnishing stores? No problem, contact us and we will make it for you with love! 
  3. Design. They love it in Sweden and Norway. Whether it is a designer lamp or cool dining room chairs, a Scandinavian interior is not complete without at least one piece of designer furniture. That will take some time to save, but then you will be completely part of it! At DroomHout we sell the design brands Mobitec , Zuiver , Dutchbone andTower Living . 
  4. Green is what will bloom in your home from now on. Go for some beautiful green plants. By choosing large, tall plants you emphasize the space above you. The Strelitzia nicolai, for example, is one of those. If you have enough light in your kitchen, it is nice to create a green corner there too! Place a nice hanging plant on a wooden shelf. A few nice HK Living mugs next to it and a new minimalist corner has been created.
  5. Less is more. Or go for a minimalist round dining table with slender legs. And choose unity in your accessories. A common trend is the gallery wall. Hang a number of posters in the same color theme on the wall. Put them in a light (wooden) frame and hang them up in a well-measured manner. Furthermore, it is fun to work with natural materials. Think of palm grass and ceramic vases and plates.

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