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Sleek designer kitchen on the lake

Strakke designkeuken aan de plas

A custom wood countertop, the way to give your kitchen an extra boost. This was also evident in this fantastic design houseboat in Vreeland. The residents opted for sleek and affordable base cabinets for this enormous kitchen island of no less than three and a half meters long and put all their energy into a perfect finish. In this case, the finish is a solid oak worktop made especially for them by DroomHout with wide continuous slats that continue in a refined manner into the sides of the cooking island. DroomHout also took care of the milling of equipment up to and including installation on location. In addition to oak, it is also fun and possible to choose other types of wood, such as walnut, olive ash or the very exotic zebrano. DroomHout is also the right place for custom countertops and kitchen tops.

Sleek designer kitchen on the DroomHout lake

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Sleek designer kitchen on the lake