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Sales styling: why?

Verkoopstyling: waarom?

Sales styling: why?

Have you made the decision and decided to put the house up for sale despite the current housing market? Do not panic!

Naturally, there are many factors that the very best stylist or real estate agent cannot influence, for example if there are still 5 comparable homes for sale in the street, a railway line is being built in the area or a new neighborhood is being built... All kinds of factors that are difficult to influence. But by offering your home as optimally and commercially as possible, you can also sell your home well during this time!

Consult with your real estate agent to ensure that the asking price is correct and make sure that your house is not empty.

Contact a local sales stylist to create a neutral and attractively decorated home. Because it is your home where you have lived for years, you become blind to many things. Well, that ironing board is always in that corner and the children's toys are convenient in that corner. Yet you will see that the fresh and critical outsider sees things with completely different eyes.

Remove personal items such as photos, dog beds and pajamas. It all seems obvious. But it's unbelievable how often it happens that there are still wet towels hanging over the shower door when the photos are being taken for Funda!

Furthermore, make sure that each room has a clear function and shows the possibilities. Emphasize the positive points of the home! Think of; surface area, light, garden & number of rooms.

For sales styling:

For sales styling DroomHout

After-sales styling:

After sales styling DroomHout

A styled house/photos is the means to generate viewers! Anyone looking for a home on Funda decides through the photos whether it is interesting enough to plan a viewing. Make sure the photos are a sales picture!

No, indeed do not create a distorted image of reality by working with all kinds of wide-angle lenses, but the right lighting, angle of photography, in combination with styling... works!

I have already styled so many homes for sale. Some houses only need a little styling, other houses a little more... It is better to invest in styling & photos and sell your house sooner at a better price than to have a house for sale for a very long time and then have to drop thousands of euros in price .

Hopefully I have inspired you, I say go for it!

See you next month, then tips on how to make an office businesslike, practical but also attractive!

With inspiring regards,

Suzanne Oosterom


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Sales styling: why?