Why buy your bathroom furniture from DroomHout?

Waarom je badkamermeubel kopen bij DroomHout?

Choose a wooden bathroom furniture

Buy bathroom furniture at DroomHout - wooden bathroom furniture by DroomHout

DroomHout bathroom furniture is distinguished by the use of 18 mm solid oak or walnut wood. Something you don't often see with standard bathroom furniture. Why solid wood? The natural appearance of oak and walnut wood gives your bathroom a timeless look. In addition, the use of solid wood offers quality, robustness and durability. To make the bathroom furniture fit in your bathroom, you can choose from 6 different oak colors and 2 different walnut colors! But that is not everything. There are also plenty of options regarding dimensions. The smallest size is 60 cm and fits almost everywhere! There is even a 120 cm variant with two washbasins. This way you can effortlessly combine the bathroom furniture with all kinds of interior styles. Whether you have a modern, classic or rustic bathroom.

Customized for your needs

At DroomHout we design bathroom furniture with functionality in mind. You can therefore count on sufficient storage space for all your bathroom necessities. This keeps your bathroom organized and stylish. We also offer various classic designs such as the wooden bathroom furniture Spa . Or contemporary designs such as the Palm wooden bathroom furniture . An addition to any bathroom, regardless of your style. To go one step further, you can opt for customization at DroomHout. This makes the bathroom furniture adaptable to your specific needs and the available space in your bathroom.

Which material for your bathroom furniture?

Buy bathroom furniture at DroomHout - wooden bathroom furniture by DroomHout

At DroomHout we choose to make our bathroom furniture from solid walnut or oak. This is not only an excellent choice in terms of sustainability. Wood in your bathroom gives a warm appearance and you can enjoy quality for a long time. Even in a humid environment such as the bathroom. This piece of furniture will last with the right treatment. In excellent condition for years. We apply this treatment for you at the factory. So you can immediately use your new bathroom furniture. The bathroom furniture is treated with an oil as standard. The white oak bathroom furniture is treated with a two-component lacquer. This preserves the white oak color. Both treatments ensure that the color of the wood is unaffected and you can enjoy a beautiful wood look in your bathroom.

Maintain bathroom furniture

Buy bathroom furniture at DroomHout - wooden bathroom furniture by DroomHout

Isn't it beautiful, with the drawer open? Do you see that even the inside of this beautiful piece of furniture is made entirely of solid oak? Where can you find that, including the recess for the siphon? A bathroom furniture made of solid oak or walnut wood from DroomHout is an investment in the future. This piece of furniture will last for many years. Which is ultimately cost-saving compared to regularly replacing cheaper alternatives. In addition, oak and walnut wood are easy to maintain. And you don't have to worry about the quality. Because the solid wood is sturdy, durable and can withstand a blow. Due to the finish, just wiping it with a cloth is enough to keep the bathroom furniture beautiful. 

Wooden bathroom furniture

The use of oak and walnut wood in your bathroom adds an unmistakable warmth and atmosphere to the space. Take an example of the wooden bathroom set Aqua , shown in the photos. Natural wood tones create a cozy and inviting ambiance, turning your bathroom into an oasis of peace where you can enjoy relaxing moments and unwind after a busy day. The wood grain and texture add character to the decor, and the sense of luxury and elegance that wood exudes enhances the overall look of your bathroom, making it a place where you enjoy spending time and pampering yourself.

Buy your bathroom furniture at DroomHout

Buy bathroom furniture at DroomHout - wooden bathroom furniture by DroomHout

In short, DroomHout offers you high-quality bathroom furniture made of solid 18 mm oak. This beautiful piece of furniture from DroomHout offers durability, beauty, functionality and environmental friendliness in one package. It's an investment in both the aesthetic and practical value of your bathroom, and it won't disappoint. If you are looking for a timeless and elegant bathroom furniture that will last for years, then this is certainly the right choice for your bathroom.

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