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Zjaak meets De Zaak

Zjaak meets De Zaak

When DroomHout owner Jacques Mentrop logs in one afternoon at a new Seats2meet location in Utrecht, he is pleasantly surprised by the enterprising atmosphere in the building. That is no coincidence because the booked location is offered by the Dutch Network Group (DNG), which includes the renowned De Zaak, where the beautiful Seats2meet workplaces are located on the second floor.

Adjustable desk Manhattan Dream Wood However, there is still a natural component missing from the beautiful interior and DNG does not yet seem to embrace the new standing way of working. At the coffee corner, Jacques bumps into DNG owner Willem Overbosch and a fascinating conversation ensues about entrepreneurship in general and a possible collaboration with DroomHout in particular.

Willem proves himself to be a born entrepreneur and is happy to accept Jacques' playful proposal to temporarily install the well-known Manhattan standing desk at De Zaak. This way, DNG employees and visitors to the Seats2meet location can experience for themselves how the beautiful solid oak worktop contributes to a natural experience and of course try out working while standing.

In addition, entrepreneurs from De Zaak and readers of the DroomHout newsletter can now TEMPORARILY exclusively acquire this beautiful desk at a significant discount. Take a quick look here and use the discount code DEZAAK when you order, we will quickly set up such a beautiful desk at your business. The code is valid until the end of 2016. Also read our blog post: Renewed design studio .

Zjaak and the Case

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Zjaak meets De Zaak