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Dutchbone lamps

    There is a perfect Dutchbone lamp for every room. Discover the extensive collection of Dutchbone table lamps, floor lamps and hanging lamps at DroomHout!

    DroomHout is the right place for stylish lamps from Dutchbone. These lamps have beautiful designs and are available in many different styles, so there is a suitable Dutchbone lamp for every interior. So take a quick look at our range!  

    The style of the Dutchbone lamps  

    Complete your interior with a quirky lamp from Dutchbone. The Dutch brand Dutchbone finds inspiration all over the world. As a result, this brand's collection is extremely varied in terms of designs. There is furniture and accessories, including Dutchbone lamps, in all kinds of styles, from modern to classic. There is something for every taste in this beautiful collection.  

    Dutchbone not only stands for style, but also for sustainability. This is achieved in both production processes and materials. And speaking of materials: Dutchbone regularly uses natural materials. You can think of rope or rattan. These materials are also used for some Dutchbone lamps, resulting in incredibly beautiful and attractive designs.  

    Our range of lamps from Dutchbone  

    You can find a suitable Dutchbone lamp for different needs, because they come in different types. You can contact us for:  

    • Dutchbone floor lamp  
    • Dutchbone hanging lamp  
    • Dutchbone table lamp  

    Each of these lamps has a unique design. Some have a modern or industrial look. These are, for example, lamps that have metal as an important material. The Dutchbone lamps, which are mainly made of natural materials such as rope or rattan, fit perfectly in a more bohemian interior, since that living style is known for the use of these types of materials. In addition, there are lamps from Dutchbone that do not have a design that can clearly be placed in a specific living style. The advantage of this is that they fit in almost any home, regardless of the style of your furnishings.  

    View Dutchbone lamps in our showroom  

    Do you get an image of the Dutchbone lamps on our site, but would you still like to see them in real life? Then we would like to welcome you to our showroom in Utrecht. Here you will find our Dutchbone lighting, but you can find much more home inspiration. For example, we also have all kinds of beautiful rugs from Dutchbone , Dutchbone chairs and various other brands and products. Giving your home a fresh look starts at DroomHout!  

    Want to buy a Dutchbone lamp?  

    Have you already found your favorite Dutchbone lamp in our selection? Simply order this on our site and benefit from a number of additional benefits. This means you have a 30-day reflection period and you receive a standard two-year warranty on our range. In addition, delivery is free. You can also choose to pick up your order in our showroom. The advantage of this is that you will receive a 10% collection discount on your total amount. Come by or order your new Dutchbone lamp online at DroomHout!