Getting started with oak kitchen fronts

Aan de slag met eiken keukenfronten

Your custom oak kitchen

Oak fronts for the wooden kitchen from DroomHout

Looking at the photos of this cool house, we get an envious feeling. Wow, this is so cool! We now know that wood can be used in many different ways. We also know that it can also be used very well in the kitchen. But we could only have dreamed that it would look this good. Hendrik has chosen to make the kitchen fronts of his dreams with oak panels from DroomHout.

Do it yourself with oak kitchen fronts

Make it yourself, I hear you think? Of course! In addition to ready-made furniture, we also supply the materials so that you can do it yourself according to your own wishes. As you can see, Hendrik's do-it-yourself approach was particularly successful. The entire kitchen has oak fronts with robust knots. This gives the kitchen a warm, rustic but also chic look. A kitchen you want to live in! Nowadays, kitchens are increasingly becoming part of the living room, which means that the kitchen should be a place where you not only like to be, but also like to look at. With the wooden fronts from DroomHout you can make the entire house fit together. Do you want to extend the wood look into your home? Then consider a table or kitchen top in the same color wood as the kitchen fronts. Completely finished and completely stylish!

Wooden fronts on your bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture with oak panels

Matching is very easy to do if you know what you want. As can be seen in Hendrik's design. His kitchen is made of the same beautiful oak as the kitchen. The bathroom and kitchen are often not directly next to each other. But it does look very stylish when the same wood is used in a different place in the house. The color of the wooden bathroom furniture gives the otherwise sleek bathroom an inviting, warm appearance. The perfect place to relax in the bath after working hard in the kitchen!

Choice of color wooden kitchen fronts

The great thing about oak is that we can give it the color you want in your home. We create the perfect color for you by using a paintable oil to which we add color pigment. This way, the front or furniture can always be made to match the rest of the interior. If we also finish it with a matte varnish, it accentuates the wood structure even more and the wood is immediately protected against moisture. An additional advantage is that cleaning is a breeze. Wipe it with a damp cloth and voilà! This way you can continue to enjoy the quality for years to come.

Wooden fronts at DroomHout - inspiration

Small adjustments to the wooden fronts can make a big difference. Are you going for a fresh look with white oak or a warmer look with warm oak? Color is not the only thing that can make a difference. Think about the grain direction of the wood. Choose a vertical wood grain on the fronts for more visual height, or go for a horizontal grain if you want to make the kitchen look wider

Need advice or inspiration? You are very welcome in our showroom in Utrecht. While enjoying a cup of coffee, we are ready to help you with advice for the furniture of your dreams!

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