Custom table made of American walnut

Tafel op maat van Amerikaans notenhout

Custom table made of walnut DroomHout Marja and Jan allowed us to create this beautiful custom table . Made from no less than 50 mm solid walnut finished with natural oil. This gives the walnut wood the beautiful warm hue that is so characteristic of the wood.

Have the table made to measure

Marja and Jan came to us because they couldn't find their dream table anywhere. DroomHout has a very nice collection of tables, but fortunately we also make custom tables. And that turned out well. The broad outlines were developed in a creative session in the DroomHout design studio in Utrecht and later the dots were added using 3D drawings. If you are already thinking "hey, I want that too", please fill out our custom form .

Refined design table

A minimalist design was chosen in which the fantastic top thickness of 50 mm would continue into the sleek base. This gives this custom table a very nice balance. Another advantage of customization is that you can choose the height of your table well. If you've ever sat at a table that was too high, you know exactly how pleasant the right height can be. By choosing the position of the legs well, chairs could be placed on both the long and the end sides. An ideal table for both large groups and romantic private dining.

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Custom table made of walnut DroomHout

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